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Subject When SHTF weapon suggestions for close encounters.
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Original Message Everyone can make suggestions. Now I know I'll get the "derp good luck getting that close to me when my ar-15 is pointed at ur head". Look if shit happened at points close encounters are inevitable at some point so make your suggestions, and why you like the weapons...I'll start out with 2.

IMAGE ( [link to 2.bp.blogspot.com] )

That badboy is the ball headed war club, and Cold steel makes an awesome one for 40 bucks. What I like about it whatever it hits it completely obliterates. If you get the ball on target whatever the person was blocking with would be useless after a strike from it. There are vids on youtube of people using some on concrete blocks ect ect. If you watch those vids it looks very inefficient in that it takes 2 hands, and has a ridiculous wind up. Quite simply the people have no effing idea what they're doing it's easily used in one hand all you have to do is put a quick twirl to get the power momentum going then strike the target. Yes has a bit of delay, and takes some time to recover after a strike so you would need choose your strikes wisely. As long as you make contact though it's over.

Next up

IMAGE ( [link to www.alljapankarate.com] )

That is a tonfa. Now what I like about it is it's flexibility you grip it with thumb up and it goes along the bottom side of your forearm. Now, because of it's design it's equally offensive and defensive how it lies along your forearm fits perfectly with your natural reaction to protect yourself with blocking with your forearm. It also allows for some interesting grips, and locks if one were so inclined but that's not really needed. Also the stub towards the top allows for quite a debilitating blow wherever it hits as, and on top of that the long end along with grip can allow for it to swing around for a baseball bat type strike which obviously very potent.

Personally I prefer blunt weapons in fight scenarios that are face to face. They may not have as high chance of instant kill, but if landing on whatever body part that part is pretty well done.

Now your turn GLPers, what you got for me?
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