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Subject A couple cool experiences lately.
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Original Message So I've started this new guided meditation for myself and it's really working wonders. It took me 2 weeks to sit down and think "what do I really want to meditate on...what are my real goals...what do I really want out of life." After that laundry list of things (lol) I came up with a paragraph. After that I created a 2 sentence mantra I use now for meditation in the am and pm.

Yesterday and today I really saw it get put to use. I'll try to explain the 2 specific scenarios the best I can.

I just got "in" from a field problem we just did (provided telecommunications support.)

Yesterday, going into one of their tents I sort of "fealt" in a back and forth motion everyone in the room ( was 5 including myself. ) It fealt like I casually bumped into each person and said "hello" to them? It was a pretty cool experience because it fealt like a real "hello, how are you doing?" A split second later after everyone in the room turned around they all like "hey....howdy..." etc., etc.,

Then today. I grabbed the handle to the HUMVEE door and I fealt like I was becoming "one" with the metal of the humvee and the humvee itself. Like I fealt that as soon as I touched the door I could have said "go" and the humvee would have hauled a** off lol.

Just posting my usual ramblings and cool experiences in my life. :)
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