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Subject Korea - More saber rattling b.s. or an ominous sign of impending war?
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Original Message After reading this article and looking into how things on the Korean Peninsula is degenerating, this literal arms race between the North(DPRK) & South(ROK) is about to reach a point of no return. Much like how the Middle East is ready to go boom on a very short fuse that is already lit and primed, I can see the very same thing happening in Korea, but with more devastating results that neither country's could contemplate. Their neighbors in China(PRC), Japan, and Russia are quite worried, to think otherwise is sheer denial on their parts. Lots of diplomatic talk can be a confusing issue. Sorting through the bullshit language can be a tedious issue, but there are underlying worries that are involved here. The DPRK is living insanity on a scale that most people just cannot seem to comprehend, the Stalinst POV is old and dead in the modern age save for the North. It's all they truly know. The defections that we are seeing is only what we are allowed to know. I can only imagine the defections that we are not hearing about, both successful and unsuccessful. The arms race in terms of DPRK's nukes and their capabilities to reach out and touch someone is not something anyone should underestimate. Equally, the ROK's new missile capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds as to reach into the PRC and Russia. They will respond in kind on that matter, but what can anyone do with an untested youngster running one of the most repressive countries in the modern world with the 3rd or fourth largest army in the world? (Someone feel free to check out DPRK's Army rating in terms of numbers/strengths please.)

It would be all too easy for SHTF scenarios to break out over there while things would blow up in the Middle East. With America undergoing a suicidal plunge in downsizing her military forces across the board, that leaves America's enemies to smell her blood and to make bold moves to curtail any influence abroad. Case in point, the Dollar (USD) is going the way of the dinosaur with the recent moves in economic trade by China, Russia, Japan, and the Middle East powers. You all know where this going. It reeks of a setup, yet it continues unabated. How do we deal with it? I do not have that answer. I really wish I could say "doom on you Mr. Tango", but I just do not see that happening with the nuke issues and arms races. Take into account now that the Russian Federation has dropped out of the arms control deal with the U.S. will create major issues in terms of national security. I firmly believe this will embolden other countries to ramp up their weapons because the two largest powers on Earth can't get their shit together. Regardless of how many of you might shit on this article or make fun of it, the fact remains that we as a people on this planet are in very serious trouble. We have not seen a nuke detonated in anger at a country since 1945 and even then Fat Boy and Little Man were crude devices. To think of the capabilities of today's tac nukes and strategic nukes can unleash straight up frightens the hell out of me. To know that nearly all modern countries have such WMD's blows my mind and I'm a Marine Veteran. All the NBC Warfare training in the world could not prepare anyone for the magnitude of just one of those devices going off. It's an unpredictable thing should war break out on the Korean Peninsula or the Middle East. Damn the unseen powers of the NWO/Globalists and their spineless puppets not having the balls to put a stop to the madness. It's in their agenda to make this dream become a reality. My answer to this is simple: Perhaps the People of the World should make their agendas be equally known to too and say enough is enough and enforce the changes they need to ensure that the children of the world have a safe future.

[link to english.ruvr.ru]

This is just my opinion GLPers. The saying goes "Opinions are like assholes and that everyone has one and they stink." I hope that mine here doesn't smell to bad. A wake call of epic proportions is en route to the world at large. If, we the the People cannot put a stop to this madness or avert, then we had at least better be getting ready to survive it.

Stay frosty.
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