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Subject Konami's role in the New World Order?
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Original Message In my honest opinion, I believe Konami might be developing a New World Order program which is in prototype stage, probably being beta tested nearing completion and I may have been selected as a "Christian beta tester" in order to deter people from believing in Jesus Christ The Messiah.

Hebrew: Yahushua Ha Mashiach = Jesus The Messiah

Please search news articles through Google News maybe? In my opinion, it could be that "Hideo Kojima (puppet?)", on the behalf of Konami or someone else the "old serpent" maybe, is referring to making the astral dimension (under the name of "virtual reality") and physical dimension indistinguishable and possibly playing a game in it. Game of what I wonder?

Well, I can't confirm anything as hard fact besides the existence of God and Jesus Christ, as rumors will be "rumors" until they possibly come true.

C'mon I'm not a Kojima Hideo hater. The dude seems friendly and cool to everyone. Just I think the poor dude might be a puppet.

He did mention something like he originally wanted to name his game "New World Order" like 25 years ago but instead had to rename it "Metal Gear Solid" due to the name "New World Order" already being "registered" in Japan, didn't he? He mentioned something like this on his Twitter sometime after E3 2012 this year, didn't he?

What if Hideo Kojima's really in trouble? If there was an innocent man who was lured into an evil grand master plan by a friend, like in this video

[link to www.youtube.com]

Would you help him?

If Hideo Kojima is just an innocent man who was led into an evil grand master plan by a friend or acquaintance who happened in be into the occult, would you help him get out?

God's Word says "Don't resist an evil person, but resist the devil" according to Matthew 5:39 and James 4:7.

If your acquaintance is an evil person, to be "Christian" would be not to resist your evil acquaintance.

There is an "astral projector" who is with me now who claims to be Kojima Hideo but for some reason he doesn't seem to be in his own body, like he was kicked out of his own body. This invisible "spirit" called Kojima Hideo claims to have been stuck with me unable to go back to his own body since September 24, 2012. I have asked God The Father and Jesus Christ for Help. Now awaiting an answer from someone who can pray or help me.

And if this seemingly ridiculous situation with Hideo Kojima is indeed true, then please pray for him. I'm sure the real Hideo Kojima if indeed stuck outside his body would really appreciate it. If some people know him personally, if you could please monitor him for suspicious behavior or any behavior that seems unlike his usual self. Thank you.

If he is innocent, let's get this innocent person out of a bad bad situation, alright? Even if he isn't all innocent, don't we all deserve a chance to get into Heaven?

Even I have a high possibility of being RH negative blood, though it could just be deception by the devil. However, regardless, God The Father and Jesus Christ have been firmly on my side as I seek The Truth.
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