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Original Message IF you like products from the newagers, you would better see this case of fraud with the bionaid products (supposed "miraculous" water).

The name of the "seller" is Burk Elder Hale, living in Georgia, USA. In fact, according to him, he doesn't sell anything but asks for "DONATIONS" in exchange to "free" products (very expensive small bottles of "miraculous" water). He claims to work with veterans and different institutions or partners.

Many complains emerge here and there on the net from former re-seelers for his abusive tricks (see the whole article):

[link to www.apsense.com]

He offers $1,000,000 in gold to anyone proving he is wrong and claims he will present a speculative documentary film (water of immortality) at the next Cannes International Film Festival! But this is impossible.

I loved the comment of one of the readers:

I wonder how it is possible to offer such $ 1,000,000 in gold for such a casual case of fraud related to some dozens thousand dollars. Two questions emerge. Where is the proof showing that such gold really exists? How is it possible to get such an amount? From previous frauds? Or the same fraudulent bionaid-donations affair?

On another hand, the Cannes International Film Festival is not in early year, but from 15th to 26th of May, 2013, which is rather the middle of the year. By the way, this festival doesn't display, in the official selection, any documentary film of such very "exotic" and speculative topic.

This is another fraud...when someone uses a prestigious name to make believe that something is relevant or of any importance.

He even says that he has a cure for cancers on his facebook page. This guy creates many websites to praise himself and his "miraculous" water letting people believe that he is not the creator of those websites. He is so afraid that pages like the link mentionned above could be visible in google searches. That's why he creates so many websites in order to posively appear on better places than this kind of pages depicting him as he really is: a fraud!

I invite you to comment here whether or not you were victim of his fraud or misdeeds, and even on the page I mentionned above.
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