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Subject 2012 UFO - My story
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Original Message Okay so this happened about 8 months ago now, never shared it much before but im just hoping somebody else has had a similair experiencealienship or can explain mine a little. I did post a couple of weeks ago but didnt think I had the video I took, ive found it now but not sure how to get it on here?

This period of time at the beginning of the year is what I would call my awakening, I always was conspiracy minded from the age of about 13 and now I am 20 so it took me a while to actually figure stuff out properly. So yeah I had a pretty stressful week, lost my job, friend commited suicide, dog died, dad fell ill, and lil sis was diagnosed with cancer. After this I was obviously sat at home with alot of time on my hands due to the loss of my job so I began doing more research than usuall. Now this is when the little lighbulb in my head flashed on and everything started to make sense. Since then I would say my 'spiritual' journey began.

So the night it happened we both (me and my boyfriend) got home from work did the usual then went to chill out and watch a film upstairs. We sat on the bed on watching the film, the window behind us, out of the blue I just got the urge to look out the window, sometimes I just do as i love the night sky. I saw a fairly bright white light, bobbing around. I immiediately knew it wasnt a star and told my boyfriend to stand up and look quick. So we were both watching and I said 'is tht moving around?' and just as i said it the thing started jumping about all over the place so were were thinking WTF at this point already.

We carried on watching this Light and it started to get bigger (it was moving vertically toward us), as it got bigger it split into 2 lights then 4 lights, as it came closer we saw it was a black diamond with a light underneath each corner. The wierdest part it we saw it diffrent. Both saw a black diamond with a light in each corner but i also saw it looked to be giving off flashes of red plasma and at the left and right side there was an oblong of green plasma perfectly shaped and see through. I didnt realise I had seen it differant untill after it had happened and we talked about it.

My boyfriend shouted 'quick get outside' and he shot down the stairs. I was a bit slower as i was shaking like a shitting dog, wondering what the hell was going to happen. But I made it out and told his sister along the way what was happening (shes such a sheep she just shrugged her shoulders!) We stood there looking at it outside, im not entirely sure how far it was cause im not great with things like that but it looked pretty close cause we could see it in good detail, id say the sime kind of distance a 747 is when u can see the windows etc. We watched it be still for about 20 seconds and then it just shot up, perfectly vertical, and within about 6 - 8 seconds it was back to the size of a star, jumped about a bit and then dissapeared.

And thats it! Our ufo experience. Would like to hear what you guys think, Im mostly intruged that the thing seemed to come for us specifically. And in what id call 'my awakening', it was like it knew what we were thinking. Another thing that made me think is when I was about 10 mum asked to me to go get her a letter from her car, I was holding my 3 yr old cousin and ran outside quickly to get it, I looked into the sky and saw a black triangle with a green oblong of what looked like plasma but at the time I just shit one and ran into the car refusing to look anymore and sat shaking in the till my mum came out to see what was taking so long.

Your input is greatly appreciated, ive never shared this story like this before, only told a few friends and family who all thaught I was crazy and tried to debunk it but I know what I saw and that is not explainable! Ive always been fairly skeptic of ufo's and aliens Ive never been sure
but since that night I changed my mind. There is something out there but I dont think it/them wants to harm us. Theyve had plenty of time for that!
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