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Subject Matrix News Updates, 2012
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Original Message Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening to you wherever you may be, this is the Matrix News Update 2012 edition...

Please contribute your own insight, links or anything you'd like.

For many this will be old news, others are in the middle on the same path, and for some this is completely new, and so...

For first time readers, this content will sound absurd, thinking in this manner will seem ridiculous - our position is one that “those in the know” have hidden the truth deliberately - have made it so - that when you hear about our real circumstance, the true bigger picture would sound truly absurd.

And with that, leading us up to this point we’ve discussed archons, spiritual predators and parasites which leech off our emotional body and enmesh themselves within our psyche, we’ve discussed how through awareness of archons and actively guiding our inner world - we can make peace with destructive tendencies and learn new depths of empathy - we can grow.

We’ve discussed that as we grow in awareness, eventually the illusion loses its footholds with us - we can no longer participate in fear, as we understand it’s desperate nature, we no longer give-in to hate or anger, as we treat ourself - as we treat others - only unconditional love remains no matter the circumstance - this is the middle-way - a spiritual discernment and empowerment teaching - which has become obscured if not completely lost in today’s modern day religions.

We’ve discussed how each religion has been usurped and altered to create a spiritual glass ceiling and dependence upon an exterior spiritual authority - an age-old structure of energetic funneling has been set-up to create controllable spiritual paradigms - each one isolated, at odds with one another, a spiritual chess board which leads in loops supporting the structure - while the individual is rarely asked to craft their own spiritual balance - but is imposed with a biased opinion according to one isolated group or another.

We’ve discussed how all the world’s social systems and cultural traditions have been infiltrated to act as control mechanisms - this control structure molds what people should think, how we should think, how we should behave - the structure provides as much as possible, food, water, shelter, clothing, moral code, as much as possible so that each individual is dependent on the structure, and has done little if anything on their own as themself...

We’ve discussed that this dependence is what powers the "machine" which desires only to control and draw our focus and attention to the system and away from ourselves.

Ideally, we wouldn’t be able to see where the program ends and an individual begins, we would ideally create our persona, self-value and identity all with exterior influences and programs - in this way we are guided according to the whims of the exterior, rather than developing a strong, balanced and discerning inner-self.

And so, as we have discussed, in truth, this reality has been warped to make puppeted predators out of us.

This reality has been pirated and programmed to create a race of slave work-horses, not only are we an adaptable resource of labor, we are also easily influenced to generate specific emotional resources, an open stadium of cheering people offers a large emotional feast.

It has always been hoped that we would never see through the delusions, and believe ourselves to be lowly slaves designed by superior gods, the mentality to assume we were created to be slaves is one of the oldest spiritual propaganda techniques displayed on this planet.

We’ve discussed that our planet displays a collection of the universe's "greatest hits", the dramas, the hierarchies, the genetics, the emotions, the struggles, the triumphs - all which makes up this reality - is an indicator of the heritage of this universe.

The local heritage includes, the predator model, one which takes advantage as means of survival - no matter the means and ends - mass amnesia - having no idea where you came from, what you are doing, or where you are going - mass ignorance - not only is the available information controlled, but most of what is available remains unknown by many - mass deception - layer after layer of control structures and distraction which attempt to subvert us and control us - integrated at seemingly every level of existence...

But along with a heritage of difficult baggage, we also display limitless love and care, limitless potential and ability, limitless imagination and creativity. And so as we take twelve steps back and objectively look at the full picture - we begin to see what truly makes up this reality - we see the oppositions, struggles and successes, limitations and infinite potential - before us we see te nature of nature itself.

We see what this version of nature is made-up of, we’ve also discussed that this light-based universe is one version of existence, in a multiverse of infinite various universes.

We have also discussed, that originally, we come from outside this universe altogether, we sent a portion of ourself to have a light-based experience inside this universe, so that we may eventually report back our findings.

The current news is that there have been predatory forces, all this time, intentionally keeping humanity inside isolated paradigms - such as the isolated paradigms which surround us - as means of using the “slaves” as a foundation to their “death and rebirth” structure - as we loop into lifetime after lifetime, with endless confoundment and memory flashes - these “superiors” skim life-force from off the “top”, as we continue to behave like batteries at the “bottom”.

The current news is that this control structure, after thousands of years, is beginning to crumble - the predators at the top have a new control structure ready to implement, but as we transition from one control structure to the new one, there is a chance to break-free altogether during this upcoming transition and reinstallation of a new control-structure.

Breaking News - that you already knew - is that the more aware you are of the truth, the more aware you are of the nature of nature, the more discerning and contemplative you are, you push yourself outside the control structure - and as the control structure attempts to get you “back in line” as you continue to resist and believe in yourself - the control structure overloads and collapses - have little grasp on you,

Tonight, breaking, the more aware you are, the more balanced you are, the more empathetic you are, the less you participate in fear, the more you be your true self, comfortable, honest - like piercing light - the control structures which want to keep us, have no hold on us.

As this attempted upgrade occurs, be ever vigilant, bring yourself up to new heights, what is now available to us conceptually - has not been graspable before - this is our chance to insist upon spiritual independence and maintain sovereignty, with an awareness that as they attempt to upgrade the control structure, they have revealed their ways all along as destructive, manipulative and desperate by the quality of their actions and implementations themselves.

The forecast is looking good, awareness is spreading across the world, especially when awareness is taught in a suitable and approachable way, resulting in excitement and allure rather than resulting in caution and concern.

Personal awareness is on the up and up, indefinitely, personal limits and bias which we sheen over and sweep under the rug, these not-so invisible road-blocks make up the biggest blockages keeping from the new levels which await us.

The forecast is also calling for inner-strength, balance and strengthening discernment - no matter what happens, in any case, strong discernment, inner-strength and balance will keep you from jumping face first into new control structures with a different face.

If we continue to strengthen, continue to grow in awareness - as we honestly assess and balance ourselves - the crumbling control structure will fall away from sheer incompatibility and overload.

During this window of time, as the old order falls away, there will be alluring options presented, be on the look-out for ulterior motive, what are the implications? Are you being persuaded to make a hasty decision? An emotionally driven decision? During this upcoming season, it is looking to be extremely important we be at our best, especially when it seems as though the dust has settled.

This newscaster would contend that if they can’t get you to behave like a negative battery with fear and force - they will try and get you to behave like a positive battery with self-righteous passive aggression and super-bliss sensationalism, this newscaster contends, what if we don’t chose either polarity? And embrace everything with unconditional love?

We may get our chance to walk the narrow way through the eye of a needle after all.
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