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Subject The Truth About Sheep From My Perspective
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Original Message Truth is....these people don't want to be free. If I were to set them all free this very second...they would wish death upon themselves everyone else around them. They will return my nice gesture with hate, revenge and sorrow for taking away their 'life'. Their false freedom. If it was all destroyed this second, they would just rebuild. They no longer have souls. And they are comfortable with that. Zombies in cages. Not afraid to take advantage of their brothers and sisters to make a quick buck. And hahaha don't even show that you wish to escape. They will bring you right back down to their level every time. So you can be just like them. They are legion for they are many. Don't judge them, or feel any pain. They have made their choice. They love their prison. Even though all the doors and cells stay open, they lock themselves in. There is no one keeping them in there either. No officers, no personnel, no nothing. Despite what people may say. TPTB have NO power at all. It's just an illusion b/c you give them power. They are sheep with a wolves shadow. Better yet, pigs playing with shadows, laughing so hard watching the sheeple jump in unison. Spooks that took the jobs you Gave to them. You people that think you are an exception because you think you know the deal are just the same as them. Stuck on the fence because you are filled with enormous doubt. "What if i'm wrong??" Well what if? Dead and wrong is better than living dead. I'd rather die a lion than a white rat in a cage. Well...black rat. Talk about a shitty hand. You people don't want to look like a fool to the peers you say you don't care about. Zombie intervention is all this is. "Hi glp, my name is Bill...and ugh...I'm a zombie.""Hi Bill!" Ha ha. But hey i'm just an 18 yr old kid who knows a little too much for his age. What the hell do I know huh? Move along, nothing to see here. sheep
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