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Subject This is why Obama will win election (Prophecy for Christians only) -Warning
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Original Message As you know Isreal is growing weary of Iran and could attack but will not because they are waiting to see if Obama is going to win.
When Obama wins Isreal will take it upon herself to stop Iran.
This is where prophecy will start!

(Here is the Prophecy)
Isreal will attack Iran and as the bible says in the end times all nations (The bible did not say 2 nor 5 nations it specifically said all) will be against Isreal.

As I was saying Isreal will attack Iran and we know Obama is not and has not been wanting to help Isreal and when Isreal attacks all the nations will will be ticked off about it which will bring about turmoil and possible near desruction to her.

As you can see even in GLP alot of people on these forums wish Isreal death and destruction and think she should be on her own.

I read alot of crap and have seen the videos posted where they try to influence us into believeing Isreal runs The USA.
So when this goes down just as I say it will what then?
I thought Isreal ran the USA?

When Isreal attacks some major damage will follow and Iran will make out like alot of innocent people got killed
Ederly,kids and so on and it will seem like a greatwar crime has been commited.
This will influence most to hate Isreal even more.

People think as you wish but Isreal is not trusting God to defend her just like in the old testament.
I am sure you have read many instances where Gods people did not trust him and went against his words and were defeated in battle.

So it will be soon,They are going to get the crap kicked out of themselves and they will get to the point where they cry unto God just like in the biblical times and then God is going to break bad on some nations.

This is not a doom threat this is whats going to happen.
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