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Subject BREAKING >>> Shut the FUCK UP About Voting - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ALL???
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Original Message Seriously, what in the FUCK is wrong with you all? Has GLP let all common sense just fly out the fucking window? Who cares about the vote! Nobody cares who you voted for.

The only thing people should care about on this site is IF YOU VOTED, and than they should proceed to tell you everything that is wrong with it.

Apparently your brainwashed heads are stuck so far up your McDonalds-shitting asses, you have no clarity in your thoughts, whatsoever. Call me unamerican, call me what you will, but HERE are the facts, FOOLS!

- Your vote does not count.

- Voting is submission to Tyranny.

- Voting is an act of tolerance, not an act of support. (few will understand this)

- When you vote, you not only cast a paper ballot; you confirm that you approve of the system and those who run it - corruption and all.

- Voting is old school, outdated and defunct. It's only existent for traditional purposes, because regardless of who wins, the show never, EVER changes.

- Voting is a written, personal contribution to murder, thievery, bribery, war, and everything the government does wrong. If your vote counts for anything, it is for ignorance due to this simple fact.

- Voting has NEVER changed anything major for the better. All of the "could have(s), would have(s), and will(s) are purely hypothetical bullshit that mean nothing.

- Your vote provides consent. That consent is what fuels our slavery to the government, allows them to be in control and tells them "hey, I'm fucking stupid and I haven't figured out that this is all a big scam, yet."

- Your vote alone, all by itself, show's massive amounts of ignorance. The most intelligent thinkers of all time WERE NOT VOTERS, because they knew and understood the hypocrisy involved with voting. They refused to provide their consent to war, murder, high crime and economic rape. Only those who understand the way the system works - for real - will understand this.

- Once elected, that president RARELY EVER makes any of the changes he swore to make. It's always the opposite, filled with bullshit excuses and sugar-coated with public aid.

- The Electoral College

- The fact that you had no say in choosing the candidates themselves.

- You're likely voting on one to two major factors, which will most likely receive NO attention. So, all in all, you're voting based on a politician's opinion.

- Abortion has not been outlawed, guns have not been outlawed, medicare has not been dumped, social security has not been dumped and healthcare has not been improved, EVER, regardless of who is in office.

- Since the very first president, people have been expecting their whole life to turn around with a single vote. It never has. Fluctuations in quality of life will always remain and the majority will never be happy. However, after over 100 years and countless presidents, you feed into the propaganda that "he will change it all!".. And in the end, he never does.. Just look at Obama - all he needs is "4 more years" to create "hope".. Fuck him. It doesn't matter what he does, nor anyone else, nothing will change for the average worker. NOTHING. Things will only get harder and the illusion will grow deeper.

I'm sorry, but if you voted, you are totally 190% an ignorant fucking idiot. You deserve to remain a slave because you have failed to educate yourself on world affairs, government policy and the REAL way that the world turns. The public side of politics is nothing more than a soap opera and once you realize it you will know that you are correct, without question.

If you voted today, lick my fucking balls. Thanks a lot for refusing to be aware of what's going on. Thanks a lot for making it harder for those who try our asses off to teach you. Thanks for proving that you're nothing more than a shit-eating sheep with ZERO intellect and the intelligence of.......... a fucking slave.

Voters are the MOST UNAMERICAN OF ALL - because a REAL american would see right through this shit-show. A real american would know instantly when things are fucked up and would see clearly who is at fault.

Today, you voters are ALL at fault. You are the pathway to our demise. Enjoy eating the blood-stained shit from the bottom of the government boot as they trample over your face in the pursuit of the almighty and highly over-rated DOLLAR.

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