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Subject Should christians who spot the deceptions and know the truth start telling everyone about it?
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Original Message I need a word from the Bible.

What does the Bible tell you about this situation?

What if...
Ones knows what Egypt, Northern Kingdom, Southern Kingdom of Israel, Babylon, City of God represent in real term locations.
One knows who the Nobody represents.
One knows who he is, where he is and how spotting him will be part of the test.
One knows where it will be safe.
One knows many of the deceptions that are soon to come and how they will be misinterpreted on the Bible.

If I really know or if I think that I know its an what if.
Its not the point of this thread.

The question I have, for the Christians is...

How much do you share what you know at this point without spoiling the test for others?

Because people who think Babylon is one thing, or Egypt is another or Israel is another, and if they are wrong and they are being led to think something else. Then they will not be able to understand.

So you dont say anything and keep it to yourself.
You hint to other people to go read their Bibles "just in case" its a deception?
You go and show your full interpretation of truth, stating names, locations, quotting passages on the scriptures?

At some point the Bible charges people with secrecy of their witnessing, in others, tell people to let the ignorant remain ignorant, in others, tell people that the purpose of faith and hope is such, that if someone gives 100% evidence it is lost and in others it says that it is wise to keep discretion of the wisdom.
Should it be interpreted as a gift to be shared to others? Should it be interpreted as love for others and charity?
As a way to defend the flock of sheeps from the wolfs?

Should the identity of the nobody, with all the understanding and knowledge of the passages relating to his actions, behavior be related and go viral on the internet?

Should we be still and wait. But what about communication?
If it wasnt the end, then I would go full in sharing information, but what if now is not the time for that anymore?

Would it be like betraying him? Is he waiting for people who spotted him to tell the world? Since we dont know for sure, just stating interpretations be like being another of the many false prophets?

I keep searching for some passage on the KJV Bible, about what is the righteous way to proceed regarding the sharing of interpretations/informations that one perceives as proper knowledge/understanding of what is going on.

Please, if you have any words of wisdom to share regarding these questions.
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