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Subject Economic Doom News - Financial Market Turning Points - 2013 through 2020
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Original Message Please mark these dates down for financial planning:

(Derived from Martin Armstrong's Economic Confidence Model)

Aug 7, 2013 - Start of next leg down

Septemper 3/4, 2014 - Start of upward markets

Oct 1, 2015 - start of large downward trend (This one is huge) Martin refers to this as the start of the "Big Bang"

Oct 28, 2016 - start of next leg up (no doubt from pre-election manipulations)

Nov 24/25, 2017 - start of another leg down

Jan 18/29, 2020 - start of upward trend

Economic Conf Mo

"In Time Magazine, Justin Fox wrote that Armstrong's model "made several eerily on-the-mark calls using a formula
based on the mathematical constant pi." (Pg 30; Nov. 30, 2009). Our famous forecast regarding the collapse of
Russia in 1998 in Russia made even the CIA stand on its head. Understanding the wave structure is critical. A system
can crash from exhaustion in what we call the Waterfall Event as was the case with Rome, or it can go through a
Market Phase-TransitionTM that creates the exponential rally such as the .Com Bubble. Nikkei 1989, or gold jumping from $400 to $875 in about 12 weeks for the high in 1980. The Market Phase-TransitionTM is not the collapse of a system but form spike highs that may last for decades. The far more serious economic death takes place with the far
more devastating collapse by exhaustion in the Waterfall Event".

More on his methodology here:

[link to armstrongeconomics.files.wordpress.com]

Main websit here:
[link to armstrongeconomics.com]
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