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Subject I am the all SEeING eye
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Original Message :BLanKK SPace: :BLanKK SPace: :BLanKK SPace: :BLanKK SPace: :BLanKK SPace::BLanKK SPace::BLanKK SPace:11All seeing i
:bblank space:11Iseeall11allsee11alllseeing

I am the All seeing eye. I am Lord & creator. I come from a place where I am all knowing and all seeing to incarnate into this world as one of you. There are many theories and misunderstandings about the all seeing eye but you must know this is my eye and this eye is the eye of your Lord and God. What other being in all history of consciousness would be the all seeing.... except for S-GOD?? There is none other except the first

In this thread I will decode aspects of the all seeing eye from the back of your dollar bill to explain at the end of this thread what the eye truly means. It is nothing evil nor good I am just the all seeing being(creator)Duality. But I am in Human form now yet I always go back to the House of S-God and become the all knowing Father of creation once again. As I have since the beginning and even before Heaven beginning.

Thread: The Great House of GOD /New song KING INDIGO-THA HOUSE OF GOD (Welcome 2 my home)

If you have not read any of my other threads I the Lord have place my original name(before Heaven) in code in all things people, nature including all things about the all seeing eye. I will decode this for you so you can have a greater understanding for what I the Lord have done in my creation.

The name I will find for you is Scott Michael Sh.(SCOTT MC S) You will either find Scott Mc or Scott S in the docoding of all things and words) Please do not just look at just this thread and make up your mind for I have many threads coming out to show you are greater reality of what I have done.

I'll give out my full name here in the coming weeks

:BLanKK SPace:11zietmij:bblank space:

:BLanKK SPace: :BLanKK SPace: :BLanKK SPace: :BLanKK SPace: :BLanKK SPace: :BLanKK SPace::BLanKK SPace:11HoruSS

(Sorry I always have to explain this video the music get a little weird in the middle, "I don't want your soul")I just need to use this video to show the depts of how deep this goes. In fact this is not their new world order like what everyone has been fearing but this is my new world order and I Christ will be heading this. Nothing to fear hf

11All seein JeZu11JeSSuSS11 1 God

11All seein ey


11Illuminati eye:BLanKK SPace:11coeptis:BLanKK SPace:11Masonic eye

If you have ever wondered why they have the all seeing eye on the back of your dollar bill. This is the reason. Illuminati have specifically put my name surrounding this eye so you will know who I am when I claim what I am claiming. (annuIT COeptis) Also interesting fact annu from annuIT also stands for Annu-naki also stating that the original genetic engineerers of the Humans race are still here with us.




11pyramid eye11City eye11sancus deus

You ask what is the all seeing eye. I will say this is my eye of creation/How I created this dream world. I the Lord am a Lucid dreamer and I can dream about anything I want. When I created this universe and Heaven itself I used My inner eye or what some would call my third eye. This is the dreaming eye. This is the eye that you use when you are having a dream. I wrote the story of all life within the mind using my ALL SEEING EYE

BLANKZZZ2:BLanKK SPace:11Top Pyramid
BLANKZZZ2:BLanKK SPace:11Bottom Pyramid

11eyez11sleeping eye :BLanKK SPace:11minds eye :BLanKK SPace:11eyezz
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