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Subject Bro-in law divorcing my sister because she voted Obama! Obamacare could shut him down :(
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Original Message First of all thank God they don't have kids.

My sister has always been an entitled sort of person, learned that from our parents. They spoiled us. I had the sense to figure out the real world isn't like that.

She married a really good guy who owns a machine shop. He employs 57 people including office staff. He has made plans for a "what if" in case Obama was re-elected, he was pulling for Romney. Obama won and now he's at plan B, and he will have to let 8 people go before the end of the year to avoid the new Obamacare fines/taxes since his employees don't have insurance.

Now before you hate on this man, understand that after paying all his employees, expenses, taxes, maintenance, and upkeep/new equipment he clears about $140,000 per year. Some years more, some less. In the last 10 years he says his actual pay/salary fluctuated between $80K and $190K depending on contracts and business.

The cost of insuring his employees would be about $350,000 for a minimum basic plan. That would put him in the red even before himself taking a salary. He would have to close shop. If he paid the $2500 per employee fine that kicks in for employers with 50 or more employees, he would pay a fine/tax of $110,000. Meaning his expected take home salary/profit would be anywhere from a net loss of $30K to a positive salary of only $80K - the latter only if he has a banner year.

He is unwilling to take a chance with his own livelihood and gas already informed his employees of the coming cuts - two office personnel, and six machinists. They are upset but they understand his reasoning. Even the handful of Obama supporters at his shop seemed to suddenly "get it" o cw the reality hit them, that they could lose THEIR job because of Obamacare.

Which brings me to my sister.

My bro-in-law has had conversations with me, and with her, about how Obamacare will quite literally hurt his business and/or his ability to grow the company. He found out that she voted for Obama when he overheard her talking to a friend about the election. At first he was nonchalant about it, and asked her why and she told him "well it's good that he wants to help people".

After stewing over it a few days, he changed the locks while she was at work and put her stuff in a Uhaul truck. When she got home he had already had an attorney file divorce papers and since they had a pre-nup, she gets nothing.

I am having a hard time because I can't really blame him, but I love my sister. Although I cannot understand for the life of me why she would vote in a way that was so contrary to her personal interests.

Not sure what to think.
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