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Subject Sad world we live in....
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Original Message So my 16 y/o son tell me "Mom, you have to watch this movie on netflix." LOL, that's usually not a good sign since he enjoys shocking me. The movie is "Snow on tha Bluff" check it out here: [link to www.imdb.com]

Last night his g/f was over and they watched this movie. I made it about 45 minutes and had to walk away. I was so pissed but he didn't understand why. I explained it to him and completely p/o'd his g/f...oh well!

The movie is about inner city black ppl. How they live, act, think, and talk. Drug dealing, baby mammas, gub't benies, the core of this culture. His take on it was, "this is so sad, why does it have to be this way?" I do agree that it is sad. It does not have to be that way. His next question was, "Why are you angry about this docudrama?"

I explained that there is NO way Obama could have won the election (either time) without the overwhelming voter turnout of communities JUST LIKE THIS. I had shown him several articles in the past few days about the extreme voter turnout in inner city precincts that under normal circumstances, have very low voter turn out.

It's not about skin color or income level. It's about understanding the ramifications of the vote cast. The community shown in this movie cares nothing about the world outside their hood.

That's what makes this such a sad movie and a sad election.

Ok...haters gonna hate...
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