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Subject Louisiana just hit 25,000 signatures on petition to secede
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Original Message [link to petitions.whitehouse.gov (secure)]

A petition posted on Barrack Obama's the White House website for Louisiana to secede from the union has just hit 25,000 signatures.

If any of the petitions on this site reach 25,000 signatures in thirty days the Obama administration has agreed to react and respond to these petitions.

Earlier today a petition for Texas to secede hit the 25,000 signatures mark. The petition's signature continues to climb and is currently at 54,800 and they aren't the only ones.

Other petitions for states requesting the right to peacefully secede from the union are shown below. ( note: none of these are posted by any state officials- only citizens)

Alabama: 15,600
North Carolina: 14,443
Florida: 16,444
Kentucky: 10, 177
Mississippi: 10,285
Georgia: a.15,216 b.8,209 (multiple petitions)
South Carolina: a.11,920 b.9,371 (multiple petitions)
Montana: 8,309
North Dakota: 7,461
New Jersey:8,131
Colorado: 11,569
New York:9,750
Missouri: a. 9,681 b.8,665 (multiple petitions)
Tennessee: 14,979
Arkansas: 11,400
Oklahoma: a. 674 b.8,592 (multiple petitions)
Pennsylvania: 5,360
Nevada: 4,054
New York: 2,091
Delaware: 2,876
*these number have since climbed, I can't type them quickly enough.

Mind you, other than Louisiana & Texas all of these petitions were opened today.

Although I do not believe that any of these states will be granted the right to secede from the United States I think it sends a strong message to the current administration.

59 Philadelphia voting division did NOT receive a SINGLE vote for Romney... Sadam hussein had a higher voting percentage ... and he shot people when they voted against him.

Cincinnati Ohio had similar outcomes.

People are angry and feel that their country is being ripped out from under them. I personally hope that I see this on Fox news ( at the very least) tonight. It will be interesting to see how Obama will juggle this one.... I bet he is wishing he didn't create that "we the people" bit of his White House website now.
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