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Subject Foretold Floodings, Ice-Age, Magnetic Reversal and more....E.T. Contactees Messages (Video Collection & Analysis).
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Original Message Videos/Stories Below.....

I wanted to open a discussion on this topic, so please contribute what you know...

There was a Mr. X interviewed by Project Camelot I think in 2005/6 who said that benevolent ETs said they would land in massive numbers from 2012 regardless of what governments do (Video Below). Amanda Ramirez, Senanda, Ashwin Farrinaci etc all say that these beings are returning whether we like it or not. Like the many, many people who have tried to tell of their life experiences, this guy (Mr. X) died from unknown causes afterwards......so I learnt. Ahswin's website is down and youtube videos were deleted many times. He's no longer telling of his experiences.

Mr. X is one of many people who testified that there would indeed be some sort of ET visitation. Other people who perhaps were contacted by these beings said that they would be returning and this is imminent. One of them Armanda Ramirez in video 4 below said that contact with them will be massive.

I kind of go by people's disposition especially those who say they were contacted by these beings. Many of them are left with a life changing experience that they cant put into words but you can feel through expressions in their videos that they had a life transforming encounter. They also seem to be saying the same things but their experience and the narative is perhaps limited by their own vocabulary and language which is somewhat good because then you can see and discern for yourself they are not repeating what they heard from someone else.

It is also important to point out that many of these contactees have reiterated that these beings don't communicate with them in language but rather telepathically. Considering the fact that we didn't invent the language we speak and have no reference point for meanings of words other than the fact that society reinforces these words we have all been programmed with from childhood which we believe them to mean what they mean but those meanings we give them aren't of our own creation. And for those who indeed believe that we have a spiritual self, I would presume that the original, the best and most logical, undiluted way any being of light could and should communicate with you is through the spirit.....through telepathy and not through language. Telepathy is the language you were born with. We see this proof in the early emotional display of a baby to a mum and vice versa. Why wasn't this improved upon but instead society sought to indictrinate everyone in its own way?

Communicating through the spirit is your intuitive, all knowing self, pristine, just as you were as a child, without the corruption and influence of society or the external world on you. Even the bible mentions that you require the mind of a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. Now, is a corrupt-free mind not part of the characteristic of the mind of a child? I would presume so.

Many don't realise that the language we speak is actually casting SPELLs on each other....you know, like the SPELL - ings we are taught or programmed to do in kindergarten? So, some might find this concept hard to grasp because it literarily means turning themselves inside out and discarding all they have come to know about themselves and the world around them.

Ancient cultures said that we are approaching the end of this age at this time and that "Humans" and "The World" as we know it will cease to exist from 2012 onwards. We are entering the age of Aquarius (the water bearer) and not only the contactees but scientists also have spoken of floods and a mini ice age to herald this Age. The angle the control system is taking on this flooding scenario is to use it to push their fraud of Man Made Global Warming.

Senanda in Video 2 below speaks of the return of these beings who said they had something to do with how we originally got here on this planet. Mr. X in Video 1 said that these ETs told him that we are of the same genetic material and that we are descendants of them. Armanda Ramirez in Video 3 and 4 said that these beings are our brothers and sisters and their way of life is in service to others or assisting people.

Senanda went on further to state that with the return of these beings comes a tale of destruction with massive floods. Armanda Ramirez in video 3 & 4 below also mentions this same point that the magnetic field of the earth will be cleansed soon and with this cleansing comes snow, floods and an ice-age. Aren't we hearing now in science that the magnetic poles are moving? Hmmmm. So Senanda and Armanda are pretty much testifying to the same events occurring and which science is now verifying? Quite interesting you might say.

I will dig out a thread I made last year of Obama at the MLK remembrance which had all the hallmarks of Aquarius in it. Well, the funny thing is that the MLK statue looked like a sphinx. A sphinx if I recall is used as a sort of remembrance to the guardians of the entry into the age of Aquarius. Not a lot of people will see the MLK statue as a sphinx as it was made to be subliminal. The statue's head had the carving and curvature (from a side view) of the back of the sphinx (lion). The foot had the paws of the sphinx. The two pillars at the entrance into the museum had the curvature of the ears of the sphinx. Not so many people will however perceive this and I don't know why they aren't able to.

Just a slight branch off into the political arena. I made a thread earlier about Sandy being orchestrated and how they intend to use it to push the Global Warming (GW) fraud. We will be hearing more of this subtly discussed on the global stage in the weeks ahead. Sandy was used to strike the one and only nation, who in its history, has effected a lot of changes in the world and will still effect a lot of change in the "New Century" or "New Age" Just in the same way that the US spearheads the hoax war on terror, so will it also spearhead this Global Warming fraud.

Its also interesting and perhaps no coincidence that a document titled "Project for a New American Century" was published circa 1999/2000. What is this thing about a New Century and when are we entering this New Century? The timing of the publication of this document is also intriguing. You can only publish such a thing and enact one of the agenda in that document (i.e 9/11 attacks) only when you know that the dawn of that Century is imminent. So when is it? Could it be 2012? Are we already in it? Is it still in the future?

Many people fail to realise why the US was actually founded. There is a lot you can deduce from the symbols on the back of the 1 dollar bill, the inscriptions and the date these symbols were initiated were interestingly the same date the US was founded.......This was in 1776. It is even more interesting to realise that these symbols were created or initiated by some of the founding fathers of the US who were thought to be Christians. The world still believes in this story. Perhaps they'll have to redefine what Christianity means when they are faced with the truth of who they believed were Christians who are also engaged in a form of esoteric occult practice. Perhaps they will have to redefine what "God" they truly trust in and who that god is.

The inscription? Annuit Coeptus and Novous Ordo Seclurum. Basically saying "Announcing the Conception of the New Order of the Ages". Again here, we see the words "Order" and "Age". So the US and its political maneuverers at home and abroad have been about preparing for something.....creating an "Order" for an Age.....laying the foundations for how society will function in this new era of human civilisation. And we've pretty much been on this journey since the founding of the US and even long before this, building our own prison cells without ever realising what the engineers of this matrix had in store for us. Little do Americans/the world know about what is hidden in plain sight from them.

Perhaps the PTB know what's coming. Perhaps they know the destiny of this planet and that what these contactees and scientists are saying is indeed true....that there will soon be massive flooding and ice age experienced globally that all eyes will see. However in the aftermath of these events they intend to continue their control system capitalising on what just occurred and witnessed by everyone left alive and blame it on man made GW. They can then make new rules and laws on how to govern in this new century and the masses are defrauded all over again knowing very little of what they are buying into.....the same way we ended up with the monetary system. So this is why they are pushing the GW agenda. The US now has the gravitas to spear head this agenda as they have witnessed the devastating effects of Climate Change, albeit an orchestrated one, first hand. So, when the rest of the world witnesses that of nature and the destruction it will perhaps leave in its path, their work of moulding the masses in this New Age becomes much easier. If anyone also remembers the Georgia Guide Stones population reduction theme, it all seems to be coming together, doesn't it?.

I also know that war is planned for population reduction and this is why the Global Warming agenda is going in tandem with the war propaganda. Perhaps the agenda is that flooding takes care of the coastal regions and WAR takes care of the inland regions, hence the WAR in the Middle East. And we are supposed to believe all this is one big COINCIDENCE? Yeah, right!

Back to the main topic.....

Chris Thomas took a different approach when he spoke of Full Soul Integration. He argued that humanity itself was an experiment and that we house only a portion of our soul energy in our bodies and the reason why this is so is because the earth in its beginning had a lower vibratory rate and souls in their full form and psychic abilities couldnt inhabit the human body/earth. So, they left earth, but left a portion of the soul energy in humans. Ever since then, we set out on an experiment to find out what rate earth frequencies had to be increased to, to house the full soul with its full psychic abilities in the human body. He went on further to state that while we are on this journey, some ETs are keeping watch but not interfering too much in human affair. Could these beings be the same ones contactees have had experience with who are now saying that a huge change is in our immediate future and that they will be revealing themselves soon afterwards?

What Chris says about earth's vibratory level, a lot of scientists now agree to and indeed state that earth's vibratory rate is improving or has improved. Thus this improvement warrants the return of the gods or the full soul to be housed back in the human body to complete the human experiment embarked upon a long time ago.

Kaoru Nakamaru said in her video that we should stay away from canned foods as Aluminium is bad for the body. She also said that we should engage in some exercises in preparation for this event. Why would she say such a thing? Doing exercise alludes to keeping the body system at optimum performance or flow. It could also mean keeping the body working at a higher vibratory rate, doesn't it? She also said we should take care of our inner soul and try to clarify bad experiences we had in the past with people. Not only does her statements allude to preparing the human body for something, but her statement greatly mimics Chris Thomas statements in his video where he said we need to think about our bad experiences and let them go. He said if we struggle to do this, we should use his technique "get an old Newspaper and write in between the lines what we feel people did badly to us and don't read it back". "If we still remember any of these things, we should do the newspaper thing until we forget them completely". This is exactly what Kaoru Nakamaru said in her videos as well and there is a great truth to what these guys say.

Chris Thomas' argument could indeed be true. Most humans on this planet are anything but humans. They are zombies....so perhaps a sort of event that will awaken them is just around the corner? Armanda Ramirez corroborates what Chris Thomas says when she said she was told in her contact experience that "Souls will be returning or reincarnating back on earth and that every single person on this planet will feel the full force of this when it occurs".

Only then, she says, will the ETs appear and chose those who are conscious of what just occurred or are in a higher vibratory rate. Senanda said that the beings are coming to preserve those who live close to their hearts......Armanda says the beings will chose conscious humans and that not everyone will go. These two folks are saying exactly the same things and it's really amazing the similarities.

Armanda went on to say that only 3/4s of the the people on earth will make this transition.....Chris Thomas says that 2/3s of the population are ready on a soul level for this transition. Depending on their perspective on the number of the people on this planet, 2/3 and 3/4 are not far off from each other.....and this is really amazing that they are giving numbers which are very close. It appears that the decision on a soul level has already been made about what is soon to occur and these guys, coming from 2 separate sources - one a contactee and the other, someone who says he's able to access the Akashic records, are privy to such information. Very intriguing if one must say.

Kaoro Nakamaru alludes to these arguments as well when she said in her 2012 video that a New Civilisation will begin after the 3 days of darkness and that the beings will be in contact with the sort of people listening to her message or those who believe in the reincarnation theory.

Many of what these guys say not only make a lot of sense, but they are true to the heart and the similarities of their words are staggering. Not only that, what they also say have similarities to what is unfolding in our world. I however guess time will tell and we dont have too long to see what transpires. What do you think and have you any other information you know of to this effect?

Videos Below.

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

It is also very suspicious with NASA's tidbit release of what might appear to be artificially made objects on the planet. Assuming NASA is even on Mars (which I don't buy but even if they are, the timing couldn't be any more suspicious with the rest of the stuff going on, on this planet). It appears they want to, like they do everything else, twist what is about to unfold in their own favour, give an excuse for when it occurs or perhaps even create a FF before then to scare people away from the real thing.
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