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Subject The Bible
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Original Message Is nothing more than a script, written by master playwrights with a malicious agenda. It's been used to decieve, take away, kill, and tries to give the utmost power of the most high to those who do not deserve it. You're being played a complete fool if you earnestly believe IN THE SPECIFICS; yes there are good teachings in it but so there are in many esoteric works, which the bible was modeled AFTER. Believe what you want, but it's going to be a RUDE AWAKENING when in the end, things happen completely different than what the bible "prophesized". Take heed of this warning now; I challenge you to always think critically and to start researching BOTH SIDES OF THE ARGUMENT, instead of always relying on "my book is undoubtedly 100% correct, and I don't need to hear anything else because I'm set". That mindset is the pure definition of ignorance. Do something good for your soul, and prepare it to accept the fact reality is NEVER "written in stone", and open your mind to the possibility that the truth may just be faaar stranger and wonderful than fiction, what the bible is. Please do yourself this favor, time really is running short, and your mindset and progression in this life will dictate where you go in the next.
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