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Subject Premonitory dream ! Middle East Epic Doom - East Gate of "Something" being destroyed, Pin pls ^^
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Original Message Hiho to the wise among the glpers, hf

i'd like to share with you what i think of as "premonitory dream" i just had this night/morning.

to begin with, i'm a muslim convert and french (haters leave the thread pls), this crucial info might help you understand why i had this dream (and why about religious matter and with french means of war), it's not the first one and i hope it wont be the last, im very used and had lots of premonitory dreams that accurately occured in their due time, some other still havent occured (J.Day and epic great army of Angels coming down on Earth during a big war)

for the details, i had quite a round of useless/meaningless dreams this night , but among them there was this one, the kind of dream you think of by a big "WTF ?!?"

so here's the storyline, get your popcorn popcorn :

i just jumped from a useless dream to this one, like i was thrown into this new dream from nowhere.
i looked around me surprised (like wtf im doing here), as to discover this new dream environement, so i was standing on the main bridge of an aircraft carrier, i looked at my left, there was a french nuclear submarine, it was literally written on it the word "SNLE" (french nuclear submarine with ability to launch nuclear weapons), and some conventional french submarines "SNA", there was some infantry troops and some other mere boats.
All of these guys boats/troops were shooting tirelessly at something, so i looked at the target.
It was a (vertical axis) rotating (3 sec/revolution) Book levitating high in the air protected by some kind of "bubble" or super electromagnetic field, the book was levitating over a great closed naval door, it was literally written on that door "East Gate" (i said to myself dafuq ? east gate of what ?), between the closed door and the book there was something like a videogame life bar, as to give the health of the door regarding the attacks.
The life bar was going down, but very slowly, thus i gone kind of bored, that's why i looked again at that book but from a closer view, i cant explain how but i was able to zoom in and out (any scale) on anything in that dream just by thinking about it, so when being very close (eye sight) to the book , i tried to read what was written on the cover and noticed that it was the cover of a regular Quran. I said to myslef "WTF !!!", i looked again while the book was rotating to be sure of what i saw, and no error it was a bright fresh healthy Quran levitating and rotating over there over the great door.
Some action was ongoing on my left side, there was a conventional "foe" submarine making a suicide attack on the french SNLE submarine, both of them sunk, i said again "dafuq is going on !!", some more "foe" arrived and began making suicide attacks at the shooting ships/subs, but it was way too late, the life bar was at its end and suddenly the bubble surrounding the levitating Quran disapeared, the bright light disapeared and the Book (the front cover appeared to be slighlty burned and the overall book took like thousand years old in the face and looked like a very old used book) fell down behind the naval wall. The (naval) East Gate was destroyed, the (naval) way was opened to the ships/subs/troops, invasion began, troops were shooting in all directions, there was like a freaking big chaos, and suddenly, the dream stoped.

so, my interpretation, regarding the elements of that dream, is that this East Gate represents either the entry of a muslim country , or a religious country, or a religious/muslim big city. Its military destruction means...well i'm not sure, looks like some freaking doom to me...so i made further little search, there is 3 major "muslim" countries with ocean "Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran"...that is for the possibility of country invasion, now if it was about a religious city invasion, it would have to be a naval one, Jerusalem is not a naval city but look, there is still some astonishing info about that "East Gate" thingy of my dream.

i written "East Gate" in google and they all relate to the city of Jerusalem, among the links i found this (read it all its very interesting), maybe there's a link to it, maybe not :
[link to www.raptureready.com]
"the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem can be opened only when the Messiah comes."
"I was not aware that it was sealed, nor did I know that its opening was in any way biblically linked to the return of the Messiah."
"The Lord then reveals to Ezekiel that the Eastern Gate will be closed and will not be reopened until the Messiah returns in glory (44:1-3)."
"Legends abound as to why Suleiman (muslim) closed the Gate."
"The Eastern Gate is proof positive that the Bible is the Word of God. Its sealing is clear evidence that we are living in the end times. The Gate awaits the return of the Messiah. Then and only then, will it be opened."
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