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Subject Northern Pacific fault is destabilizing! Amazing Evidence, clear pattern developing! Large earthquakes NOT RANDOM! (lower Americas connected too)
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Original Message

Earthquakes are "supposed to be random" and localized.. well not anymore!
Scientists have already noted recently there is plate break up evidence in the Indo-Australian area.

Thread: New Study finds Indo-Australian Plate is Breaking Up! Worldwide Mega-quakes Expected in Near Future
Thread: Scientists think tectonic plates are breaking up...isn't this what happened in the 2012 movie?
Thread: The Indo-Australian Plate May be Splitting
Thread: 2012: Scientists say Huge Earthquake April 11 Triggered Other Quakes Worldwide

Here are some quotes:
"The whole world shuddered on 11 April, as Earth's crust began the difficult process of breaking a tectonic plate. When two huge earthquakes ripped through the floor of the Indian Ocean, they triggered large aftershocks on faults the world over."
"Fred Pollitz, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey said the quakes were extremely effective in transmitting seismic wave radiation around the world. Though Pollitz said the magnitude of the larger Sumatran quake is No. 10 on the list of quakes since 1900, no other temblor has triggered so many strong aftershocks so far away."

I believe we now have legitimate evidence that the Northern Pacific is breaking up and destabilizing.

I have already documented this sequential pattern that has been spot on.
Thread: Pole Shift, Crustal displacement evidence is here! Vast Plate movement sequence proved between Indonesia, Alaska and Americas
Now new evidence is here which expands upon that for the Northern Pacific.

In short it's noted that when a large earthquake on one side of the Northern Pacific happens that within a 4-5 period a 5.5+ earthquake will hit on the other side of the Northern Pacific, right before that a 4.5+ quake hits the western Alaskan islands AND a buoy within the Alaska region goes into event mode showing fluctuations.
The buoy activity is not directly connected large earthquake because it goes into event mode at a different date/time.

That very same activity has now happened exactly 3 times in a row for large Northern Pacific earthquakes as of today's 6.8 quake off of Russia

The first two times has resulted in a 7+ quake in nearly the same location of Central America within two weeks after a large Northern Pacific quake twice in a row, THE LAST TIME I PREDICTED THE 7.4 GUATEMALA EARTHQUAKE BY FOLLOWING THIS DATA. (which I will show later on)

So lets get to it, see for yourself.. here are the first two times ... details and screenshots!

*Large Northern Pacific quake

August 14, 7.7 quake off of Russia
October 28, 7.7 quake Canada

*4-5 days later 5.5+ quake, other side of Pacific.

August 19, 5.5 Canada
November 2, 5.5 quake Russia

*4.5+ quake western Alaskan islands

4.5 quake
5.1 quake


*Alaska Buoy station 46403 in event mode BOTH TIMES
buoydetails alaskabuoy1030

*Lastly 7+ quake Central America within two weeks of large Northern Pacific earthquake.
Note the both Central America quakes were right next to each other, El Salvador and Guatemala.



Notice how similar, these just aren't earthquakes and random events but much much more!
Much going is going on here!

I like to put data to the test, which is why I not only documented these plate movement patterns but also predict coming activity.

Being all this is obvious to me, I went ahead and accurately predicted the next coming large earthquake on 10/30 right after the Alaska buoy going into event mode... as seen here:


Well I am now without Tsunami Buoy Station 53046 as they shut it down right after the Costa Rica earthquake on 10/24.
It completed the 4th sequence in a row.. just because they turned the buoy off doesn't mean plate movement will stop though.

I am without the most important data from Java, Indonesia where everything starts, sucks but I must go on.
I really dislike making assumptions because I'm very data ordinated but today I'm going to make a guess based upon what data is left.

So lets work with what we have...

I few ago as stated above I said this:

"After the 4 previous plate movement sequences throughout the Pacific.. each time involved evidence with buoy data off of Alaska.
Cali down to Chile, mainly lower Central America and Upper South America very well now be free to move.
Basically taking this sequence but having step 3 now in for it!
Also New Madrid could be affected by this but not as much as the other regions above."

In short.. without data from step one I talked about each sequence must be involved with step 2 as in buoy activity off of Alaska before step three can occur.
That's pretty much what I have left to work with in dealing with limited data.

So take a look at what happened today.. again the same buoy that went into event mode right before the previous two Costa Rica quakes is now in event mode again.
Also I would like to point out again that's it's at nearly the same latitude as the event 7.7 Canada earthquake.
Buoy location is at 52.6 N


So being I don't know what is going on by Java Indonesia (feed off), there are two resulting possibilities.

1: The sequence shall continue:


As in step 3 location on the move with resulting pressure anywhere from Guatemala down to Chile for increased activity and 7+.

I am torn between the two because I have no data from the Java, Indonesia buoy.
Nonetheless I'm confident that one of those two options will happen soon.

 Quoting: bendinglight


OP predicted it again!

Just about a week ago by following the plate movement sequence said "The sequence shall continue.... As in step 3 location on the move with resulting pressure anywhere from Guatemala down to Chile for increased activity and 7+."

Now this just happened!

Thread: 7.5 quake Guatemala

The next 7+ quake since OPs post was just now in Guatemala the very starting place said had resulting pressure and there would be a 7+ earthquake!!!!

Right on again!

 Quoting: yeahsure

I had a feeling about the Northern Pacific and wrote about it back on August 19th, here is a quote from my very first Earth Changes thread:

After the events of April 11/12 the Earth changed more than we know.
I believe also it did indeed create a jam or hinge within the Earth's plates.

However slowly it's starting to break free now.
The hinge is in the Northern Pacific.
There is whole WESTWARD movement of that entire region and the Alaskan/Buoy eventing area.
I personally believe BEFORE any other significant Earth changes occur that there will be more signs and events in this region.
I believe this is what's been holding everything up.
Alaska within the square is the unknown region of possibility.. although I would guess to say to look for more odd buoy activity as a sign within that region

 Quoting: bendinglight

Now it is indeed becoming more evident and increasing!

So where are we now?

*Large Northern Pacific quake

November 12, 6.4 quake Alaska

*4-5 days later 5.5+ quake, other side of Pacific.

November 16, 6.8 quake Russia

*4.5+ quake western Alaskan islands

5.6 quake

* and yes, the Alaska buoy in event mode

pacificthread3 alaskabuoy1112

HERE, just look at the amazing side by side of all 3 events.


You can SEE the clear plate movement pattern here 3 times in a row.
Something BIG is brewing globally and now you know.
Lower Americas will be next for something large.
Pictures (click to insert)
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