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Subject dream about a satanic cult involving lady gaga and the pope
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Original Message I was dreaming one night and while in the dream i woke up and became lucid because I realized I was in a very scary situation. I was in some type of arena or mall that seemed to be underground and there were alot of people milling about not really paying attention but some of the regular people were watching what I could only perceive as a satanic ritual, first off the weird thing was that Lady gaga was there and so was the Pope they were in the middle of this mall/arena performing a satanic ritual with blood shed and all, the pope and some others with lady gaga almost half naked with blood on her body , the others and the pope were wearing red hoods and chanting some very weird words and they didnt seem to noticce me at all at first then i looked out and noticed that the ritual was higher up like on a platform and when i looked down i saw all these men that well they looked like men who were politicians but there faces kept morphing into demons with horns and red eyes and green things coming out of their bodies like tentacles and they were all watching the ritual and they were typing on these machines that looked like typewwriters but they were not, I remember thinking they were selling something, then one of the men who was typing noticed me and looked right at me and said, "It is too late to stop Obama!" I thought how did he read my thoughts or something bc somehow the ritual was reminding me of how evil Obama is and the world, and then I noticed my mom was with me and I got very frieghtened for her safety I said, "mom we have to go even witnessing this is evil!" Then the man that said the thing about Obama he looked like he was morphing from an asian man into a snake he was hissing at me. I didnt really get scared but defensive, then my mom said, "Ashley your energy it is glowing, it is taking up the entire room." At this I looked around myself and I was glowing bright white and the light was shedding onto everything in the arena and the people were looking at me instead of the ritual not just the millers who were shopping or something but the politician morphers and then they all started hissing at me aand coming after me I remember grabbing my moms arm and I told her we had to go then I woke up sweating and my heart was racing, any idea what this dream was all about???
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