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Subject Metaphysical-World -( Part 3 ): The Carbon Atom, Vortex Math, and the Scarab Beetle
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In Part 1 I had mentioned that Part 3 would describe an ancient Meta-physical system by which you would be able to see a much better life, here and now. But, since Part 1, the subject matter has increased enough,that I need to make one more part, before I launch that. So the promised Metaphysical system will come in Part 4.(Based on the concept of 'as above, so below'.
This part contains the extra material that had to be accommodated in between.
Thanks for your patience. :) )


The Carbon Atom, Vortex Math, and the Scaraab Beetle

In this part, we touch upon three important aspects of our exploration into our meta-physical side:

1. The CARBON atom, and its link with Spirituality.
2. VORTEX MATH , developed by Marko Rodin, and its connection with the meta-physical and the its link to the Carbon atom.
3. The portal, our connection to the meta-physical side of our Universe, namely the THALAMUS. (No, its not the PINEAL Gland, but the THALAMUS that is at the centre of our brain, our 3rd eye)

You don't need to be a mathematician to understand any of this. All you need is a comprehension of average math.
You could also try to obtain this excellent book:
Patterns of Eternity: Sacred Geometry and the Starcut Diagram
by Malcolm Stewart
[link to www.amazon.com]
He wrote the whole book with just a basic understanding of Math. This tells you that the secret Cabal, and their knowledge of the occult/esoteric/secret knowledge is nothing above the understanding of the common man. ANYONE can do what they are doing. Which is why they DON'T tell you the secrets.
The secret to life is joy infinite. You can create your kind of life YOU want right here and NOW! Hasn't this planet and "GOD" allowed you to grow up, have a lot of fun times. Don't you have parties even now? Dont you look forward to having a good time with your friends as often as possible? Lets say you are 40 years old. For 40 years, everything has co-operated, everything was there to enable you to have a good life. The bad times were created by evil men, and the occassional bout of climatic or natrual causes. But given that both good and bad exist, if you can eliminate the bad influence in your life, if we can rid the world of evil men, evil societies, we can take control and guide our life to more sophisticated plateaus.

This is why they destroyed all the great ancient libraries.
They erased ALL knowledge gathered in the Atlantean times, and then set about confusing your reality. Also why all the fake religions contain so much FEAR. FEAR controls you. Limits you.

But the reality is ANYBODY can do it.

Here are some teasers before we start.

>Did you know that if you super-impose all the 4 moves of the Knight in a chess game, you can get the SWASTIK??

>That the sum of 8x8 Chess board is 64, which is the total of one cycle of Marko's rodin toroid pattern?

>Also the significance of the Mayan calender is that 64 is one complete cycle of infinity. Then it begins again.

[link to www.laetusinpraesens.org]

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