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Subject Pope Warns of Doomsday, 21 December 2012? Is there doom around the corner they are planning or something to this date afterall?
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VATICAN CITY—Pope Benedict XVI called on Christians Sunday not to heed doomsday warnings that the world will end on December 21.

During his weekly Angelus address from the window of his Vatican apartments on Saint Peter’s Square, Benedict spoke of extracts from the bible which speak of “the sun and moon going out, the stars falling from the sky.”

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[link to newsinfo.inquirer.net]

I didnt know there could be much more to this date or a doomsday scenario when I made this thread.

Thread: Foretold Floodings, Ice-Age, Magnetic Reversal and more....E.T. Contactees Messages (Video Collection & Analysis).

Now the Pope is warning people not to freak out over a doomsday scenario? Is there one around the corner they have cooked up? Not that the Mayans and other Ancient cultures talk about doom but is the Pope telling his followers to ignore every other warnings or supposed myths out there but stick only to those he tells them of or published in their books? He somewhat knows enough to know that a doomsday date such as Dec 21, is not real , not important, yet no one knows the date or the hour?

Perhaps he knows something then about astrological cycles than he is saying or not published in their books if he is able to rule out a date. Perhaps he knows something might occur on this date or around this period and he is trying to allay the fears of his followers so that they ignore this event or its relevance and only stick to the jesus program of his.

After all, if no one knows the hour or the time, I would simply keep shut and not dismiss or rule out any date which could potentially make him risk his credibility. After all, for all you may know, those people shouting at the top of their longs that the world is coming to an end could possibly be right. Perhaps they were spiritually contacted by jesus or an angel (who knows?). Yet the Pope stuck his neck out, risked his reputation, to dismiss these statements? Something is up folks!

He goes on further to reference the bible and speaks of "Sun and Moon not rising and stars falling from the sky"? Now, why would he on one hand say people shouldnt worry about doomsday scenarios but on the other hand quote from the bible and allude to scenarios of sun and moon not giving their light widely related to Dec 21 supposedly only spoken of by ancient cultures and conspiracy theorists? It is very interesting he is talking about Darkness? Will this happen in the vey near future?

Its like telling you but not actually telling you and since they have convinced their followers not to follow dates, well, they can claim there was nothing to this event when it occurs or and that jesus is the main event they should all be concerned with. Alternatively, they could simply state in the aftermath of any event that they didn't know after all. But who looses most by not paying attention to all the possible scenarios events you know nothing of and the date it will happen and/or how things could possibly play out, could potentially happen? The individual! And you will be at their mercy after this happens. Enough odd events like Israel trying to start a global war, governments buying ammo and MREs, passing Executive Orders etc... have happened for us to know that something is up or isn't quite right. But we are just supposed to carry on like everything is dandy? Yeah, right!

But what if you knew about the religious agenda and the ancients' take on things relating to this planet in this particular time frame not published in the religious books, how would you perceive the pope's mention of a doomsday scenario and his comments? What would you make of it? If he is also an arm of the antichrist as most people believe, I would presume that not informing people about events or perhaps diverting their attention away from a significant date or events attached to that date or a time frame ancient cultures speak of, can only be to his own advantage, wont it?

It would have made more sense for him not to talk about it at all.

And just as a litmus test, what is his stance on 9/11? That it occurred just as exactly as we've been told? That the wars waged in the aftermath are justified? That the future ones about to be waged on the hoax War on Terror that could possibly escalate into a WW3 scenario which the religious books so much speak of is equally valid? Yeah right! Seems he's mute on all those points as it plays into his and their agenda. And we can not also rule out that his statement about sticking to the bible/jesus isn't part of their agenda, because it is. Their agenda in all this is to get you to jesus whilst you accepting the wars even though they are based on fraud and lies as building 7 collapse have taught us.

If the US is going to be involved in this current/future Israel escalation, it would also have to be provoked by another False Flag, another hoax, but the pope wants you to believe this when it occurs and also believe in the retaliatory war that it is a warranted response to the provocation of the US which will later blow out of proportion. And with all these muddled thoughts of their followers, they falling prey to deception and even being complicit in murders, innocent deaths, killings and injustice, jesus will still save you regardless and somehow accept them into his kingdom as he is the one you are keeping your eye on? I don't really think so.

You really need to start questioning who this jesus you are all waiting for is because he is appearing to be no more than a devil (and please forget all those fictional stories you've allowed your minds to be placated and programmed with). We are talking here about the real thing...about the outcome of an event if everything plays out as the pope and his minions are currently herding the world into.

People are either oblivious or wilfully ignorant as to how their minds are being enslaved? Another further litmus test on why the Pope should make the Dec 21 hit mainstream news - Did the collapse of building 7 hit MSM? Do they discuss it? After all it is all conspiratorial talk and not true, right? Going by that logic, if the Dec 21 date is nothing after all, then why even mention it?

I think there may be something to this the Dec. 21 date after all or at the very least a Global Event (possibly the 3 days of Darkness) is in our immediate future and you should all try to make sense of it, keep on asking questions and remain watchful. I think it may be a spiritual event and many people might not even know when this occurs as they have simply not been paying attention or have remained closed minded about other scenarios but following only their religious leaders and programming.

Kaoru Nakamaru warns, at the beginning of this year of Dec 21, 2012, that there will be a blackout and Governments wont say anything about it.

I covered a lot of things in the thread above and it goes into the political arena and why they are making these manuevres they do with global warming and what have you. Does anyone also remember the globe sculpture in Rome and the UN that appears to have been struck by a massive earthquake? Now why would they put something like that in those places? Do they know of the aftermath of an event to occur in future?

If you havent been paying attention all this while, I think its time you do and I have to say this to religious folks......you are all under a spell and have been duped. The bible is an agenda and you can tell even at this very time how Israel trying to start a World War. You have very little time to wake up from this mind control system.


I told you guys this Pope is on a roll and that we haven't heard or seen the last of him yet. I covered this development in this thread.

First it was that the calendars are wrong.
Next is that Christians should ignore doomsday warnings but focus on jesus.
Next is him calling for a NWO and a Moral authority.
Now he joins twitter on 12/12/12? (Thanks to Indysmindy for bringing the significance of this date to my attention). This alone can't be a coincidence.

[link to www.cnn.com]

And all these within a space of about 3 weeks? A build up to what is about to occur on the 21st or soon afterwards? He seems to be featuring in the media a lot lately and I wonder why?

In the face of what could potentially occur on the 21st of December or afterwards, and the sea of unaware masses of the world as to developments in the last 10 years or since the exposure of 9/11, and now suddenly getting a RUDE AWAKENING ......are these moves by the Pope to:

Poise himself ahead of time and Act as the spiritual guidance and counsel in these times when people will be absolutely lost and seeking answers as to what is truly going on? I would presume joining twitter is also a logical move to take if you knew things are cooking. Considering the fact that twitter is the fastest and possibly one of the most accessible means of communication available today with a reach of many millions, if not billions of people worldwide?

Also in light of the fact that if indeed they are cooking doom, this will be compartmentalised and experienced at different levels around the world and that there will hardly be any mainstream coverage as power and other infrastructure could potentially be down or sabotaged in many areas of the world.

In such a situation, having any kind of information from someone as the pope or anyone for that matter explaining to the masses what is going on will prove invaluable. They will easily believe or be reassured and in the process have their minds moulded.

I think something is up. What is he gonna do next? Who knows but he's certainly given himself mainstream mass coverage in the last few weeks enough to get noticed.


We all cant deny something is cooking worldwide especially from the middle east, the current senate resolution of a no fly zone over syria etc.

With all the unrest in the world, the Army taking a christmas break, Operation Blackjack in Play and the unaware masses knowing something is wrong, searching for clues but nonetheless tuned in to something happening soon, this might be an opportunity for the PTB to pull off an end of the world scenario. When you also consider the fact that if some great event is in stock on that date, diverting the attention of the world from the true significance of that date/event would be the ideal thing to do.

After all, you cant blame TPTB for not knowing a decapitating multiple False Flags can go off in major cities around the world that cripples the world economies and sends it into a spiral of what will later be known as the beginning of the end?

The impact and unprecedented response of war and economic collapse this sort of scenario will create will leave no doubt in anyone's mind that the world has actually come to an end. To an extent, it wont be the government's fault if such a thing were to happen (or so they would say, even though they are the ones playing out this agenda) and the prophecies or hype about this date will equally be true only that it would have people looking in the wrong direction of what these developments actually mean.

The Pope, NASA and more recently the government are all reassuring people not to worry about the 21st of December. Not only shouldn't people be worried about this govt. intervention but how on earth can they guarantee or promise anything? Do they have the whole world in their grasp and in control of everyone's thoughts and emotions to know that something wont happpen?

How could they be so certain? Why did they even deem it fit to respond to conspiracy theorists? On the backside of this, if indeed nothing does happen, are we expected to now make government our new religion, that we become something that can easily be moulded by their press releases and reassurances? That they now know ALL things and they can say, "see we told you not to worry". Do you honestly think the world can descend into such depths where we have that kind of relationship between the masses and government that they can now tell us when to poo, like we are in kindergarten?

I would argue that the world hasn't reached that stage yet although they are in the process of making it such. There are still people who have a mind of their own and these are the sorts of people they intend to weed out hence the very relevance of the hype of 2012 and their reassurance of the date being a non event as it now gives them an opportunity to stage something to be blamed on radicals.

If indeed something does happen, doomsday occultists with ties to terrorists will in turn be blamed for this event as depicted in operation blackjack slides below.

This [link to www.telegraph.co.uk] and this [link to www.telegraph.co.uk] and this [link to www.telegraph.co.uk] is connected to this [link to www.telegraph.co.uk]

If the Mayans are right and the gods (our full souls with full psychic abilities) are returning on this date, if indeed thoughts create reality and we are on the verge of experiencing the greatest revelation or realisation in the history of mankind, I would assume creating the biggest diversion. FF or chaos at this time to manifest the greatest disaster that could possibly be imagined to checkmate this awareness of ours will be to the advantage of the PTB. The ensuing chaos will overshadow the relevance of the actual event taking place on that date and the response of war and collapse of society will leave no doubt on people's mind that the world has actually come to an end.

Please do not buy into the fear if this happens to occur. This is what all this is about....to prepare your minds for what is coming and what they could do to derail mankind.



Ok, this statement is quite a contradictory one supposedly made by a NASA scientist on 2012.

[link to www.business-standard.com]

World won't end on December 21: NASA scientists

Quashing the 'doomsday' rumours, top NASA scientists have assured that the world won't end on December 21, 2012.

"The world will not end in 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012," NASA said on its website.

Did you catch that? Now, see what he said at the ending of the publication.

On danger of Earth being hit by a meteor in 2012, scientists said that NASA astronomers are carrying out a study called the Spaceguard Survey to find any large near-Earth asteroids long before they hit.

"The last big impact was 65 million years ago, and that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. We have already determined that there are no threatening asteroids as large as the one that killed the dinosaurs," they said.

So, on one hand, he is saying that there is no threat but on the other hand he is saying that they have this committee setup to look into asteroid impacts and that there is a chance we have asteroid impacts but they wont be as large as the ones that made dinosaurs extinct? If indeed anything does occur, it will be interesting that it just so happens in the very month and year the Mayans and ancient cultures speak of? Consider also the pope's statement about "Stars falling from the sky". Make of this what you want. Just providing info.

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