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Subject A List Of Facts...
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Original Message Drinking and partying is cool and important.
Religion is the most effective way to find the truth about creation.
Ancient metaphysical knowledge is satanic.
Satan is real.
Biblical scripture hasnt been corrupted for political gain throughout histpry.
Aliens either dont exist or are demons.
Sinners go to hell.
Fluoride is good for you.
Big Pharma is looking out for your best interest.
Jimmy Saville isnt a pedo and doesnt help traffic children for the royal family.
Earth is not controlled by evil people.
Global warming is real and isnt just being used to force carbon taxes on you.
Bohemien Grove doesnt exist and Republican leaders do not sacrifice children there.
The MSM always tells the truth and does not have an agenda.
America hasnt been taken over by an international crime syndicate hellbent on the destruction of humanity.
Obama is not a puppet.
Bush was not a puppet.
Agenda 21 is good for you and does not exist.
HAARP cant manipulate weather.
Zionists do not control the american media and president.
The black pope and jesuits do not exist and do not own the zionists.
The rothschilds are good people.
God is in the form of a man with a beard sitting somewhere in the sky.
Vaccines are good for you.
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