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Subject What Everyone Needs To Watch About The Middle East!!!
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Original Message We all know that the middle east has been involved in wars since Israel's creation in 1948. With many of it's neighbors being defeated in the 6 day war by Israel alone. But the conflict today is different from the past, we now have a Muslim leader in power of the greatest nation on earth and who is the first ever sitting president to visit the Muslim nation of Miramar. He just like many of Arab counties he supports with billions of dollars hate Jews and Christians worldwide. Many countries like Russia and China have been enemies for years and both are purchasing oil from the Persian Nation of Iran, and are coming together against Israel. Just look at weapons used against Israel, they are made in Russia Or China. In the book of Ezekiel Ch 38 & 39 describes in the distant future that Russia, China, Persia and many other Arab nations will come together and attack Israel. Once this happens a man will come along and broker a peace treaty between Israel and it's neighbors that will only last for 3 1/2 years and then that man will show his true colors. As we know Arabs are claiming Jerusalem as their capital or Israel which is where Israel's largest Mosque stands. This man will stand on the Temple and claim that he is the messiah who will save everyone. Many already call the man just re-elected in the U.S. as president a messiah and savior of the world. So what I'm getting at is watch who brokers the peace treaty in the middle east then we'll all know who the true Anti-Christ of the book of Revelations really is??

P.S. Before those of you who hate Israel and Jews and call what I say is hate speech you have also been warned in the book of Revelations that will come in the distant future so anything that you say against me is irrelevant because I know where many of your souls are being prepared for. So may you have a blessed day as well.
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