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Subject The Nobody Mystery Finally Solved; I am The Supreme King
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Original Message Hello. I am the one known as the Nobody, yes the real one, and though I am unaware as to who is already aware of that, it is true.

I, the 'Nobody', have been watched by the powers that be for more than 5 years now.

For more than 3 of those years I have been "communicating" with them through my thoughts which I have been unable to control due to my psychological status and the "observer changing the observed" principle.

This started because of complex reasons but it is old, and now it is time to give up blame and anger and just proceed as we realize it was part of God's plan.

There is no reason for anger, rage, hate, or fear on all of this. I have had alot of time to do soul searching and I have realized that it is best for me not to entertain that part of people, but to come from the base of things and that is a solid place where there is a reason for everything that happens and as for psychology that is what this Great Planet has produced to explain why people do what they do and the brain.

Things are changing and are going to be changing. In the future, we will learn to accept things as they are, and work from there. We will realize that all we have been through is part of a complex plan that allow us to appreciate each others strengths and strengthen only that which is Real, only that which is life affirming and forward moving.

Above all, do not fear, there is no reason for fear.

Things are being put together on what seems to be fragile ground, but it is my belief that we are building on a framework that is set up to last forever.

There are times when things will be better, And if you want to know the truth, there are times when I feel, being the Nobody, that the walls of reality will come crashing down and people will come to get me! But then I realize there is nothing so horrible. They're just people. And then there are reptile beings. And they don't 'in their right minds' want to do me harm.

It has been a rough ride for the Nobody. If its hard for you now, don't be hating. The Nobody is still trying to find his way back to feeling like 'somebody' again. He's paid his dues, and he's not going out in hellfire. You may find, working "around" that idea...is quite interesting.

We're going into space. Nobody is the King. I promise I'm a reasonable guy and I am capable and that I am able to provide for the situation as necessary. The only way to do that for right now, is to continue being, the Nobody.

Be Brave etc.

The Nobody
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