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Subject My house one of 80 affected in indianapolis explosion. Wanna know what i think it was?
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Original Message I was only just laying down. My dog was pestering me and whining and digging her elbows into me, and I was getting a little pissed off.

Well, she went to jump off the bed and there was a definite shockwaves that nearly knocked me out of bed, as it did her.

The entire house moved and then there was a few smaller explosion sounds, like 5-6 very violent "thooom thooom thoom" rattles.

There is now cracks in our home. The explosion was powerful enough to split my door near the knob. It was like war had hit, I was frozen in shock.

I knocked on my sis' door and she went down the street with me. We saw the neighbors from across the street were already down there looking, a boy about 16 girl also probably 16-17. She and he go down to that hill so mommy and daddy don't see or hear them.

They were saying it was something on fire that crashed, then they saw a white flash that brightened up the whole sky.

My first thought was meteor that exploded before ground contact, kinda like the ones where u see pictures of forests flattened.

But then there's this. I have been reporting on here water mains breaking all the time even though its only weeks or months apart. water mains should last a LOT longer than that.

Also, there's been minor tremors since I moved in here right next to Smock. its a golf course across the street (sherman). They've had weird issues too, like the creek drying up that runs through it and I think into the lake near me.

Anyway, what's the take on methane? Natural methane seeping through the ground. Nobody smelled it, but there were a lot getting sick just before the explosion.

Also, many times when the mains break, there is a sulfuric smell to our water and there are massive pressure spikes. Yes, theres air in the line, but I think something else as well. Never thought to light it on fire like they do down in Louisiana.

It makes me nervous though, not knowing what will happen next. And I'm under a quarter mile away.

Also, within minutes they had every road around blocked off. That's scary. I'd plow through if TSHTF.
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