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Subject When I met George W. Bush...PLEASE READ
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Original Message Ok,this event has stuck with me over the years and I have thought about it nearly every day since it happened. I would definitely consider it top 3 weirdest things that have ever happened to me.


My dad was a Secret Service agent (recently retired) and because of this, I was "privileged" enough to meet a lot of our Presidents/V.P's/dignitaries/etc. None of the times I met any of them was very significant, except for this one:

We went to the White House Christmas Party in December of 2001. I was 18 or 19 at the time (my birthday is the 12th and I don't remember what day the party was), and was a recently converted Christian (I got saved at about 4am on 9/11/2001, but that is a different story). All of the families of the staff and secret service agents got to go to this party, and have their picture taken with President Bush and the First Lady, and we were all standing in line to go in for the picture, before the dinner. The room where they were taking the pictures was a rather large meeting room with nothing in it besides a large Christmas tree, the Bush's, an aid or two and the photographers (and a few SS agents). When we were next in line to go into the room, I heard the President say my name from around the corner "Dan, where is Dan?", the way an uncle would say that before he saw you and then say "there he is" (my name is not Dan, changed for the story). Apparently, (I am assuming this because I have never asked him) my dad told the aid that was taking us into the room my name, and she told the President, and he just said that to try and be affable or friendly or whatever.
I thought right off the bat that was weird because my two brothers were there too, but he only said my name, so I am not sure why my dad only told him my name (if in fact my dad told the aid that).
As we walked around the corner into the room, that is when things took a terrible turn. As I rounded the corner my eyes scanned the room, the first thing I noticed was Laura Bush, smiling, warm and friendly looking. Then I saw President Bush, who, once again said "which one is Dan?" smiling his goofy smile. My dad introduced me first, because he was asking for me, and I will never forget what happened next. His face went from a kidding-around, smiling, joking demeanor to hard and frowning in an instant. The best way I could describe his reaction was if someone introduced you to a person as "here is the person that killed your father". The smile dropped immediately. His face went from friendly and jesting to anger, disgust and almost a "I can't believe you let him in here" type of look. I felt my face flush as I shook his hand and smiled, but inside I wanted to run away as fast as I could. He didn't say a word to me, just stared me down. I have never felt as awkward in my entire life as I did at that moment, and so out of place. The rest of my family shook his hand and his smile and joking manner returned, and I am almost positive that no one else saw what happened, because if they did I am sure they would have said something about it by now. As we walked out of the room I looked back over my shoulder (I was almost in a state of shock at this point) and he was staring at me with that same death-look on his face. We went back into the dining hall and finished dinner, and the whole time it was all that I could think about. "What just happened?!" "Was that real?!" "Did he see some kind of evil in me?!" type questions poured through my thoughts over and over.
Also that night, George H.W. Bush came to the dinner for just a second, said hi, and left. But as he was leaving, he went over to my brother and rubbed his shaved head, making my brother turn a beet-red color and all of the people standing around laughed hysterically. I would have laughed too, if I hadn't been so shaken up by what just happened to me. Instead, I just sat in silence the rest of the night, completely disoriented as to what took place.
Looking back on the whole thing I still have tons of questions that I cannot come up with answers to, like:
If my dad didn't tell him my name, how did he know it?
If my dad did tell him, why did he just tell him my name?
Why did his look/demeanor/everything about him change so violently?
Did my family notice? If so, why have they never said anything about it?
Assuming it did happen like I remember it (which if it didn't I am officially crazy), what does it mean!?!?!
Is it possible that he saw in me something that triggered him to know that I would discover the truth about the NWO,9/11, etc?
Did it have anything to do with me being a Christian? I have read how the devils knew who Jesus was, and even one said "Paul we know, Jesus we know, but who are you?"
Is it possible that it was a demon-type situation that recognized a child of God and got offended?

At the time, I thought he was a stand-up guy, that was a Christian and was going to save our nation from the terrorists that did the attacks on our soil. I know now the truth about 9/11 (I found Loose Change in 2006 and have been researching it since then), and that he was likely a big part of the attacks, not the one to save us from them. Like I said, I think about this nearly every day and still have more questions than answers. Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it, anyone else have similar experiences or any insight into what happened to me? Thanks for reading GLP, you guys rock!
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