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Subject Prepare now. This is our last chance.
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Original Message I'm not a doomsday person. But when it comes to the information about the sun we are all gravely mistaken if it looks as if nothing of a great magnitude will occur. All of my dreams, feelings, and research have pointed directly towards a massive electrical outage.

THIS IS POSSIBLE. Forget the GLP effect, that will not apply. The GLP effect is when people post that something will happen and it doesn't, but this event is absolutely inevitable.

As I said many times before, a solar flare can not be predicted but it can be measured. All research and evidence I have come across points to a climatic scenario of huge solar flares that WILL knock out power all over the earth.

This will plunge us back. Think about it.. NO POWER. There won't be anybody to talk to on the internet because there will be no way to access it. You can forget about cellphones too, towers and all satellite communication systems will be down.

This is the true test of humanity. I don't know if ets will intervene I mean that would be great but if not were on our own guys.

I never took survival seriously until we started getting closer to some auspicious event that I feel in my GUT.

Read up on survival

Get a plan going

Do not hesitate and its better to be safe than sorry..

You know how you sit together with your family at Thanks Giving dinner? IT is at those kind of moments where we have the time to reflect. IT was at that moment that I knew this would be the last thanksigiving I'm having with my family. Further more this is the last Christmas as well.

2012 is just the change and transition to the start of a better world but we're going to have to scrap everything and start on a new plate. How do we do this? We do this by the universe forcing us to go back to the old ways of living. (This is a theory but I think its more close to the truth than I care to point out) The true damage and severity of the situation with these flares is going to start sometime in 2013.


Because 2013 is the process of this brand new cycle on earth branching out from 2012 dec 22/dec 21.

That's it.

You want to know what you've been feeling these past years? You're not alone. I feel it too. You just can't put your finger on it. Then there are those who will simply ignore this and say oh its just another Y2K event. Well let me tell you something folks, Y2K is not the mayan calendar and we're lucky we even found the calendar or else there would be no way of knowing to prepare for this massive event...

We're all here for a reason

We're all on spiritual journeys as well

I'm choosing to prepare, my motherly or womanly intution says, "Get ready for this storm, do and read as much as you can to prepare yourself for it because this is going to be one of the biggest historical moments ever to happen in the history of mankind"

Why am I even writing this? This is how compelled I feel...

YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE. I feel, see it, hear it coming every day, though I do not live in fear of it. It is a knowing, it is a major calm before the storm.

Much love to all

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