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Subject Stop learning, and start thinking. Beautiful.
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Original Message In your quest for information, and so called accepted knowledge, you may ask your self this question. Have you stopped thinking.

Most here on GLP are what I would call open minded. They are here, because they were searching for truths after they realized they had been raised in a lifetime of lies. I mean honestly there are so many questions that man doesn't have the answer to, yet here we are asking. What is the one true religion, is there a God?, what creates gravity, what happens to our souls, and how can we alter or change the very primitive culture in which we live based off of things like usury, warfare, and threats of violence.

I would suggest that we are probably the greatest minds on the planet, each one unique, and each of us with different strengths and weaknesses. With that said, perhaps it's time to step away from the computer screen, step away from all the noise, and step away from everything we have learned, and think.

I mean honestly as a creative artistic, and mechanically minded individual, I would much rather be thinking about physics, magnetic propulsion, art, space, longevity, telomeres, medical cures, but no, I find myself consumed with politics, racial wars, religious differences, economics, and mans innate ability to want to kill everyone.

So, I would suggest you stop being programmed, and yes even on conspiracy sites to an extent you are still being programmed, and just think. Come to some of your own conclusions, even if they are wrong. The computer is a wonderful tool, but should not become a crutch.

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