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Original Message Hi. I'm new here to GLP and wanted to share this with everybody because I saw other posts on GLP of Antarctica, and thought you might like it.

It's not about penguins.

I was spiritually guided to these images in March/April 2012 along with a bunch of other Sacred Geology monuments on Earth and Venus. Each of these monuments correlates to a different ancient legend, each with their own message.

The GoogleEarth link (below) shows an Antarctic mountain range dedicated as a mural/portrait of Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess of Heaven and Earth. Inanna, by herself, in this picture is 30 miles long. The image is just barely emerging from the snow. She is kneeling on the lap of her father, facing him. She is holding up a baby, pleading on behalf of her creation. He's not too happy about it because her DNA is in the mix.

[link to photos3.meetupstatic.com]

Here's a closeup of Inanna's face, with a tear on her cheek.
Notice her lizard-like facial features, compared to the chubby-cheek baby. She has a nicely proportioned human body. He has a totally different face and body than she.

[link to photos2.meetupstatic.com]

Remember the totem above Inanna's head in the first link? This represents her matriarchal lineage. The top of the totem is her Grandmother Nammu, posing with regal stature.

[link to photos2.meetupstatic.com]

Inanna's grandmother Nammu was the creator of Earth and the Heavens. I believe this is the ONLY portrait of her that exists today. For more information about Nammu, click here.
[link to ancienthistory.about.com]


This is Inanna in Utah, of all places, in my neighborhood.
She is seated with legs straight out in a craft, whistling to a turtle-shaped object on her dash, which is actually an ocarina wind instrument (sounds like a piccolo).

[link to photos3.meetupstatic.com]

Her home star system of Pleiades is on the turtle, as it would have appeared many years ago. She's using the star system of Pleiades to represent the "notes" of a song that she's whistling. I actually played this on my piano and its quite beautiful played in the key of C. Here's my photoshopped version to help you see it better.

[link to photos4.meetupstatic.com]

Lastly, here's an ancient Mesopotamian statue of Inanna, (dated 4000 BC?) Notice the similiarily in features compared to the rest of her geologic monuments in this post.

[link to photos2.meetupstatic.com]

OK. Just one more Sumerian legend. This one in Wyoming. The great lion serpent LABBU terrorizes earthlings and the people cry up to the Gods for help. Tishpak is sent to slay LABBU, the serpent creature was 50 miles long and its face alone was described as 1 gar long (1 gar is the Babylonian equivalent of 6 miles). Here's the fossilized remains of LABBU's face in Wyoming.

[link to photos3.meetupstatic.com]

Now that you're familiar with the images, enjoy the YouTube video at [link to youtu.be]

Is this the most amazing geology you've ever seen, or what?
I call it Sacred Geology. Everything we need to know about our heritage is embedded in the planetary landscape, like an intergalactic billboard. I hope you're not put off by the Book of Revelations geology near the end of the movie, it's all related.

The End of Days meets the Beginning of Time, full circle.

Pictures (click to insert)
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