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Subject MAJOR Asteroid Will hit Earth on DECEMBER 21ST OF 2012!
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Original Message My Alien Online Contacts, Hagel and Valugua, Have sent me an Stating a Major Asteroid will Hit Earth on December 21st of 2012. The United States Government is Using Secret Advanced Technology to Bring This Asteroid Towards Earth, This is what the FEMA Camps, Massive Coffins and Body Bags are for, The Global Elite are Trying to Depopulate the Earth so they can Establish a New World Order which they have Been Trying to Achieve for Many Centuries now. According to Hagel and Valugua, This is why the Global Elite have Been Resigning and Disappearing Lately, They have been going into Their Deep Underground Bunkers. According to Hagel and Valugua, The United States Government is Trying to Make this Asteroid hit The Yellowstone Super Volcano to Cause a Massive Volcanic Eruption and to Kill At Least 200,000,000 People of the United States Population and to Cause a Mini-Ice Age with all of the Ash in the Atmosphere to Kill Hopefully kill Over 2,000,000,000 People. Once this Happens, the United States Government will Activate the FEMA Camps and Portray the FEMA Camps to be the Only Solution to the Survival of Humanity. Once they have the Last Remaining Humans in The FEMA Camps, They will use Brain-Washing Techniques on Humans to Brain-Wash them into Believing everything The Global Elite Tell them to do. According to Hagel and Valugua, the Main Goal of this is to Establish an Authoritarian, Communist New World Order, to Have Complete Control Over Humanity. Hagel and Valugua Stated that they have Plans to Kill Anyone over the Age of 35. Hagel and Valugua Claimed that they will Try to use Their Advance Technology to Stop this Asteroid from Hitting Earth, But There is Very Little to no Certainty of How Much Technology can do in that Manner, but they will Try as Hard as they Possibly Can. Hagel and Valugua are Trying to Stop the Global Elite From Executing Their Plans by Informing us about what Their Plans are.
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