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Subject Increase In Parents Who Refuse To Vaccinate Children
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Original Message This is great news to me. I am against vaccinations in children simply because there's enough research out there for us to know that vaccinations are linked to ADHD,Autism,Food Allergies and Eczema(there's more those are just the top). I'm glad people are starting to see the light.

President of the Australian Vaccination Network, Meryl Dorey told Neil Mitchell the government and media had worked to 'actively suppress' information regarding the risks immunization posed, and said she supported people’s right to make their own choice.

"We believe that everyone has the right to make an informed decision about vaccination, and that includes having access to both sides of this issue," she said.

"We absolutely oppose any form of compulsory vaccination."

Ms Dorey said whooping cough vaccinations had reached their highest level, yet the number of reported cases of whooping cough had also reached a crescendo.

"We have more whooping cough now than we had since before the vaccine was added to the mass vaccination schedule in 1953," she said.

"And the reason for that, according to studies that are coming out around the world, is that the vaccine is no longer effective against whooping cough because the disease has mutated and it may actually make more susceptible to contracting whooping cough."

Ms Dorey said her organization database had recorded 25 deaths which had occurred as a direct result of immunization since 1998.

"Not one of these reactions was ever reported by the doctor involved," she said.

However President of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Steve Hambleton, told Neil Mitchell the benefits of immunization far outweighed the risks.

"There are dangers; Like anything, there are side effects though the most common side effects are quite minor," he said.

Dr Hambleton said he had seen children experiencing convulsions as a result of immunization, which he said was a ‘very major concern’, but said the vaccination-related morality rate would be very low.

"Compared to getting the wild virus, those side effects...are far, far less than what you would get if you didn't have the vaccine on the market," he said.

Dr Hambleton said the fact many illnesses had been eradicated by immunization was leading to a lax approach to vaccinations among some parents.

"Parents have never been exposed to kids with measles for example," he said.

"Seeing a child carried into a general practice with measles, I haven't seen one for 20 years, but the kids are really sick, they have a really high temperature and they've got a significant risk of actually getting a secondary infection like pneumonia."

[link to www.3aw.com.au]
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