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Subject your so called nobody....this is done for a reason...why? come in and see why.
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Original Message Before I start and explain things...I have no interest in replying to ignorant idiots.
I've done this for a reason...you'll find out the reason as we go along.

It will only go out on this site and this site only...I will not post it out beyond here.

This is a once only thread............................

I'm not here to convince people at all....I don't give a rats arse if i'm believed or not.

There is always a reason behind why I post things.

There are three like me on this planet....we stem from the old mystery schools...way before gnostic or other known mystic schools that inhabited our history.

I don't follow organized religion or god or gods.

I have no directive from any being except my own ability.

We are shamans...heirophants.
We guided intitations in the original mystery schools.
The first original site is the giza complex..(pyramids)

certain ptb were intitated in those schools that we guided.

That's why I know who they are and what they are..
I have crossed paths through the ages with that lot as I have in this life time. They know of me already.

They know not to cross a certain line.....

I never see myself as different to the whole of humanity..I don't see myself superior in any sense of the word.
Were all the same in connection.

It's not just in our hands to change things...there are many out there that will combine to this change.

The change won't happen through preaching knowledge or wisdom to crowds..it will be done inhouse behind closed doors.

We have no interest in going before the public domain.

The only difference between us is that we were intent in going to places through the grid lines or source as some might say....were others weren't prepared to do so.

There were dangers involved in holding certain energy lines.

Because we were commited in our chosen field...were able to not be as closed through certain incarnations..we hold that energy to some extent in our incarnations.

Were good at what we do..that's not being big headed... because those thoughts just rest there and don't surface in the conscious.

We know that larger picture and what it entails.
We come into these incarnations to activate those energy lines that existed on this planet in ancient times.

I wrote the majority of things in the primal grid thread...
There is one difference between us and others that have come along in the past....we will use agression to protect the sacred.

This change is going to happen...there is no one or anything that can stop it.
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