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Subject Why Liberals Prefer Star Trek, and Conservatives Star Wars.
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Original Message Liberals prefer Star Trek because it shows an advanced time, where a group of ethnically diverse people explore the universe trying to spread their idea of 'peace' and 'coexistence' all the while preferring diplomatic relations as apposed to war. During Star Trek the Next Generation, Capt. Picard constantly makes references to their overall mission being the discovery of new species and establishing diplomatic ties with them, while Liberals parade down the streets saying they tolerate every culture while at the same time condemning Jews.

Conservatives prefer Star Wars because within star Wars the overriding theme is preserving traditions in order to maintain the balance of power within the universe, not integrating every single culture within another, but keeping the galaxy divided while united, as apposed to Star Trek where their overall goal is that the Federation's views are that every culture should be integrated, and mixed. While the Star Wars universe maintains a healthy diversity, where there is no species mixing, where each planet maintains it's own traditions, uninterrupted by the Republic, but at the same time united and not imposing their views on anyone. Their only connection is the military, while in star trek they share everything, adhere to everything, and 'love' everyone and everything.
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