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Subject Disturbing Illuminati Code Symbolism On Superbowl Websites
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Original Message Here's a list of d isturbing Illuminati code symbolism which has been found on Superbowl websites

[link to www.superbowl.com]

The logo at the top of the Superbowl webpage is filled with interesing symbology.

At the upper right of the webpage, you see the diet pepsi logo over an area near the Rennisance Center. Underneath it is a bluish/green glow which could be symbolic of radiation and it pulses every so often, which implies radioactive decay or an explosion.

The two halves of the Pepsi logo look like the two halves of a plutonium pit inside an atomic bomb.

The glow being on the ground seems to imply a bomb being buried underground or in a boat on the Detroit River.

The city of Detroit has a glowing blue color, with the "glowing" symbolizing radiation and the "blue" symbolizing death.

The word "Pepsi" was derived from the word "Pepsis" which is half of the scientific term "Pepsis Formosa" which is the term scientists used to describe the Tartantula Hawk Wasp, a stinging insect. Every terror attack on the U.S. is like a sting from a wasp, it hurts but the attackee recovers.

The Tarantula Hawk Wasp is native to New Mexico. In 1945, the world's first atomic bomb was exploded in New Mexico.

"Diet" is symbolic of weight loss. The loss of Detroit and the auto industry would cause America to lose a lot of economic "weight" or influence in the world. Therefore an economic weight loss(Diet) would be caused by the sting(Pepsi formosa) of a terror attack.

By adding the letters "rot" to "diet" and rearranging the letters, you get the word "Detroit". The word "rot" is obviously symbolic of radioactive decay and of a decaying ghost town after a nuclear explosion.

"Diet" is also symbolic of an assembly of princes(such as in the Holy Roman Empire). The modern "Diet" are the elite families of the New World Order which are descended from the princes of the Holy Roman Empire. Therefore this attack will be carried out at the orders of the New World Order elite.

The symbol of the Superbowl XL Host Committee for the City of Detroit also has interesting symbolism;

[link to www.sbxl.org]

Just behind the logo where it says "Detroit", there is a white flash of light with radial lines, implying a "nuclear explosion". In front of the flash is a "football player", implying the Superbowl is the primary target for the Globalists.

Yet another website has more symbolism in it's logo;

[link to www.motownwinterblast.com]

The name "Mowtown Winter Blast" implies a nuclear explosion taking place in Detroit in the Winter. Superbowl XL takes place on Feburary 5th in Detroit, about a month and a half before the official end of winter.

The color coding of the words implies several meanings;

Mowtown in blue implies radiation

Winter in blue clearly implies cold weather

Blast in red clearly implies heat or an explosion.

The snowflakes on the logo have a double meaning: snow and radioactive fallout after a nuclear explosion.

With all of the coded Illuminati symbolism in corporate logos, a nuclear explosion in Detroit during the Superbowl is now very likely.
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