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Subject I was told Islam was created as a means to destroy worlds/ used as a weapon.
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Original Message I have a close friend that worked in many secret black programs and was very knowledgable of many inside secrets. He recently told me a secret that's has been hidden for millennia. I was told that Islam was created in order to cause chaos and destruction on this world and other worlds throughout our quadrant of the galaxy. It was created by the reptilian race of beings who created the basis of Islam from bits and pieces of their own ideology of conquering and expanding their empire. I was told that this is how they infiltrate silently and watch from the shadows as worlds destroy themselves without lifting a finger. This has been done numerous times in the past 25,000 yrs on many worlds. He said once a worlds muslim population reaches more then 45 % it's on it's way to destruction. This happens becaus Islam destroys "infidels" (people who oppose islam) and when no infidels are left they begin to kill each other because of the different sects/factions. He also said that the reason their is a moon for their their flag is because that's where the reptilians control structure is and one of their main bases of operation is (aka their base/interdimensional spacecraft) it's also a powerful image that has certain Qualities to it that cause it to sync with the victims mind in a subliminal way.

He said that's why all Islamic countries have so much death and chaos, especially after the Islamic population reaches 70% and beyond. The reason they are able to do this is because of the negative/dark vibrational frequencies taken in by Muslims while praying, congregating/ or when reading the Koran. Their are certain words in the Koran that actually change chemical processes/DNA in the brain to more of a reptilian function. In which it's normal state is cold, calculating, and domination oriented. Certain words, ideas, and chants put out a frequency/vibrational energy that causes these internal changes.

They also benefit in many other ways. This includes feeding off of the hatred and fear caused in the wars that are created. Also the thousands upon thousands of bodies that are picked up as a food source.

Once a population is dwindled don to a few million, the reptilians come in and take over. They then take what resources they need and use the remaining inhabitants as slaves to mine gold. On that's complete they take the slaves with them on their ship to a new world and use them as a food source during travel and during the beginning phase of the new world they will conquer. The whole process begins again...

He said there a whole lot more info and history to it and he would tell me at a later date. I was shocked at the insights he shared with me.
He's not the type of person to tell fibs, just unbelievable.. I'll update if and when I get new info.
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