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Subject if God had 4 boxes
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Original Message hypothetical question - imagine if God had 4 boxes and inside each one was an entire exstience (kinda like a universe in a jar) and he divided a group of people into groups and put them inside each of the boxes.

The first box contained Heaven / an exstience of light for GOOD people of all faiths and no faiths. A place of eternal happiness and peace. A place for all lifeforms who once knew life.

The second box contained Hell / a dark creation for the WICKED and those who rejected the gift of light. A place of suffering but not eternal but a place where those who were wicked are punished for their crimes before they are sent into the light box.

The third box contained Damnation for blind religious leaders who lead so many into darkness, people who had put themselves in Gods place and had seriously caused offence to them, a place of eternal suffering, a place of banishment. (think those with the mark of the beast on their forehead)a place of no escape, forever trapped.

The fourth box (The Forgotten Box) contained a chance of redemption - in this box you would be given the opportunity to wipe away the mark of the beast but you would have to scarfice something of yourself - your memories. You go inside the box and your memories, thoughts, ideas are wiped forever from your heart and mind from the moment you first caused an offence to God, your memories before that moment are intact but anything after is gone. Once you have been cleansed the mark is removed and you can start afresh in the first box, everything forgiven.

Ok if you were in Gods situation and you had to decide what to do with those who had the mark, what would you choose as a course of action? Would you send those with the mark into the 3rd box and leave them there forever or give them the opportunity to go into the 4th box and lose something of themselves forever?
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