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Subject Slavery in America Ignored to Crackdown on Drug War
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Original Message In a recent thinkprogress.org article, new studies have shown that HUMAN TRAFFICKING is now out-numbering the drug trade in terms of 'shipments' OUT of the U.S.
[link to thinkprogress.org]

Millions of women and children are forced into the sex-slave industry, and this is well-known to our Federal government.
"The U.S. government spends 300 times more money each year to fight drug trafficking than it does to fight human trafficking." That's right, a FRACTION of what is spent in prosecuting state-legalized pot farmers and medical dispensaries, and non-violent drug offenders (which could bring in $30 billion in POT revenue alone, and add an additional $56 Billion+ to the overall Federal Budget) is given to fight against the sex-slave trade. [link to www.rollingstone.com]

President Obama's 2013 Federal Anti-Drug Program is going to cost about $26 BILLION dollars, with a 40:60 ratio of drug-treatment/law enforcement.
[link to stopthedrugwar.org]

This thread is not about legalizing pot, per se, but rather highlighting the wasteful spending in Congress (promoted by the Obama Administration) which is allowing U.S. citizens to be sold in an unchecked slave trade. Our politicians do not actually publicly promote the selling of humans for the sex trade (unlike Egypt), but their silence and such under-funding of programs to prevent it speaks for itself.

This is an excellent clip from the thinkprogress.org article:
"Unfortunately, most child welfare systems have failed to properly identify and assist trafficked and exploited children. The protections, services, and protocols established for abused and neglected children within the child welfare system are rarely extended to trafficked girls. Instead, the girls are relegated to the juvenile justice system, criminalized for being raped and trafficked. This must be the only time in which the abused child is the one who is incarcerated for the abuse perpetrated against her.
But that’s the problem—these girls are not considered victims. So while in the United States, we have the very same child sex slave markets as in Cambodia, the Philippines, and India, the girls from here, the girls from Southeast DC or South Central LA, are seen as the “ho,” the bad girl, the teen hooker."

Our politicians are more concerned about vaccinating our teenage girls against STD's (Texas and the Gardasil debacle) than protecting them from being sold for sex (probably to the same politicians who are signing these laws).
We had the opportunity to vote these perverted freaks-of-nature out of office less than a month ago. We as a nation allowed the monsters to be re-elected by focusing on the Presidency. That man who sits in the Presidential Chair is nothing after 8 years; the legacy of Congress and the Senate lasts as long as their term limits- indefinitely.

I really hope that in two years we can truly make a change.
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