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Subject FASTRACK to PART 4: Meta Physical World thread
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Original Message This is a fastrack thread to condense out the information in the Part 4 thread. You may not be able to grasp the concept in this short version. If you are short of time, and need a quick outline, this thread is what you need.
Original long version is here. (Its partially complete, so please don't bump that thread until the work is complete. Still lots more to input )Thanks:
Thread: Metaphysical-World -( Part 4 ): Living in Harmony With the Universe by Mirroring / Manifesting Bliss / As Above So Below

(The following is based on a very very very ancient system of Geopathic harmony. THere is nothing demonic about it, nor is it something like Feng-shui. This is what you would call quantum physics. This is the same as rearranging your house. Nothing evil or dark about this. Its an architectural concept of building your house in accordance with Universal harmony. If your religion of cult does not permit this, please avoid coming onto this thread- thank you.)

Human beings, and all organisms on planet Earth are surrounded by various different energies.
These are;

1.Rotation, Revolution around the SUN, and orbitting of the planet around the Milky Way galaxy lead to inter-dependent dynamic interactions between Inertia, Gravity, Electrostatistics and Electromagnetics.
2.Gravitation and Geomagnetism are two main forces that directly influence animate and inanimate matter at the molecular level.
3.Magnetic force lines emanate from North Pole terminating in the SOUTH POLE.
4. Polar axis lean of 23.5°, a strong solar wind from East to West, combined with the spin of the Earth means EM shock-wave stress concentrations in the South West zones all over the globe.
5.In the NORTH EAST areas of the planet lie the more stable, or POLARIZED EM Wave zone. This is the safe zone. Polarized waves are more supportive of positive life.
6.High temperature or abnormal variations in temperatures, create force fields in magnetic lines.creating chaotic energy lines and fields in the SOUTH and the WEST regions at all points on the globe. (except maybe the North pole.
7.Polarized EM zones means polarized brain waves.
8.DNA can act also like a lens,or a laser, by absorbing low energy infra red radiation, and re-emitting it out at shorter ultra violet high energy light, which in turn runs the metabolic processes of the cell.
9.Flooding of UV light in the atmosphere, occurs in the pre-dawn time of the day. This period about 2.5 hours before dawn is considered very beneficial to humans, and for meditation. Most ancient vedic rites were performed during this period.

Solar storm hitting the Earth tilted at 23.5° means lots of EM stress in the SOUTH-WEST regions.
The following images show you why there is EM stress in the SOUTH WEST Zones.
This means while building a house, you need to shield yourself from the EM stress that comes in from the SOUTH WEST. Chaotic SW EM waves means a non-polarized energy, which affects the brain waves. Polarized waves leads to general positiveness including flow of wealth etc.Building a strong and tall wall at the SW region will reduce the black radiations from the SW.

(In this diagram I typed SOUTH EAST instead of SOUTH WEST.
WIll be updated later.)

Pictures (click to insert)
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