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Subject english language as a mental trap
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Original Message i hope native speakers are aware how they were forced from early age to learn an unnatural language.

basically as a baby you learn to speak naturally: mama for mother, papa/tata for father, papa - for food etc
after you learn the basic vocabulary phonetically, it gets rough when you have to learn to write/read because you have to memorize by repetition unnatural combinations of signs/sounds.

different combinations of vowels/letters sound more or less the same:
read, reed, rid

even the basic vowels you learn to pronounce as diphthongs.

you learn only 5 basic vowels, when in fact they are 7 (corresponding to the energy centers). and it's not about short/long variants of the same vowels

[link to www.youtube.com]

as a result of all this you are disconnected from natural linguistic intuition from early age and are forced to memorize through mental techniques your written language.

the simple natural way is for example in romanian - we learn in the first phase like you, and when we learn to write/read we just have to learn the alphabet which contains all the 7 vowels in the above link, by the way.
and then every word is written/read exactly how it sounds.
this makes for a very organic and natural language.
we can create any derivation of an word and new words just by using the linguistic intuition of the primordial sounds and the feelings they express.

it is a pity what they did to your druidic heritage, by mutilating your natural language through the artificial system of writing/spelling
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