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Original Message Firstly, your story is touching, not in a weird way, but in one that makes a father almost weep in sadness. We live in a sick world, one filled with evilness, where the fringe are driven by evil forces out of our control. I read GLP strictly to stay on top of global news. I am not a believer in aliens, but that doesn't stop me from reading about them from time to time.

I'm in a boat similar to you where I am constantly challenged by society. I too own a couple of large companies, have been successful most of my life, yet always tried to share the truth about the direction of our government, the lies we hear on a daily basis and like you I've also been chastised (but nowhere near how you have). I have a child that's special needs and it's very difficult to cope with, let alone having to deal with some guy making it a full time job of trying to ruin your life.

I'm in my 30's still, so maybe I need a couple more years of balding and gray hair under my belt before I become believable. What I will say is this.....THANK YOU!!

Thank you for risking your life, literally, to give us the freedom to say as we want. This site being sold to anyone else would change just about everything. As a savvy web developer and marketer I see this site having a vast amount of potential that has not been exploited. Not because you don't have the know how, but because there's no need for you to do so.

I hope that every single person on this board appreciates what you've given them, even if it's only a virtual friend. This site has given me more tools than imaginable to go out and fight the true intellectual fight. Not necessarily from the information on the site, but from where some of these posts take me.

I hope that this fool is thrown in jail and rots and I hope you are able to move on and deal with what's important and that's your wife and kids. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING US ALL TO LEARN AND VENT WITHOUT THE WORRY OF MSM VIOLATING OUR RIGHTS.
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