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Subject The Great Giza, December 3rd, 2012 Mercury, Venus and Saturn lineup , Heres what it means.. By Apollo..
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Original Message Everyone was excited over the alignment we had over the Giza Pyramids before dawn. Mercury, Venus and Saturn lined up. Well, its more vertical than horizontal... But Im sure you can stand somewhere to get the right perspective .

(Forgive me if I didnt superimpose it over the pyramids..) But it was right over them, many have blogged about it..


Now here it is with the constellations over it... We see Virgo birthing Saturn out of her legs.. and Venus atop the scales along with Mercury.. Its all about a New Son that is born, Young Saturn and his balance of the scales..


In Western astrology, You have Venus in Scorpio and Mecury in Scorpio and Saturn too, Remember I said earlier that this Christmas season will be about jealousy and lack ?

I had that experience when I bought a nice Christmas present for someone and it was not cheap. I was beaming with joy that I just bought the best present ever. I just find out that the one she REALLY wanted is three times more expensive ! But I'm done, Ive reached my budget this year and went over... Next year is the bills and Saturn, whether old or young, asks us to reign in order no matter what VENUS dazzles us with... Mercury is the intellect making it sure that it sinks in and sinks in good !

Many of us are overbudget and wildly fearful of our finances, This world has reached the pinacle of materialism, and overbloat...

This guy said it best in


according to old scripts, the meaning of this aligement is quite unhappy one.
The combination of Mercury + Venus + Sathurnus = economic system break , loss of power, political intrigue and political prostitution. Wars for gold- money-power. Great houses of power will be crushed.
This is the meaning that probably american and european ecnomy will break down again because of all missusage and menafull usage of money. The energy of stolen money from people will cose the money break . Negative energy related to that kind of erned welth can not give anything good in back but bad and getting worse.
The good thing is that it means new era in economy. People will start from the begining with new system and walues.
All lies will come to light. Just wait and hope that people will understand finally. The old system if kept with old values will bring just the end, but in agony.

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