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Subject A new Jesus visionary called the Chosen Child - says we will get new President...
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Original Message Sorry I do not have a link just been getting these messages forwarded. These messages are from someone called the Chosen Child out of Chicago and claims these are from Jesus. They make an interesting read. If there is someone working to change things in our administration that would be awesome. Thoughts? See below:

Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (December 15-21, 2012)

December 15, 2012 (11:31am)
Tell My beloved children to continue looking and listening for the man chosen for these times. This is not meant to tease you My children. He really will be making his appearances on the radio and tv many times now until he is publicly proclaimed your new president. I know how difficult it is for you to conceive of this possibility since it is so close to the end of the year, but it is going to happen. Keep praising and thanking God for this great gift to your country. If so many of you didnít pray and fast it would not have happened. You can and will see how powerful all of this was when you see the accomplishment of this promise before your very eyes. I know everyone reading these messages especially My beloved priests and religious are very skeptical but they will also be surprised when this great miracle happens. So many of My dear religious have been trained not to jump at every prophet who claims to be getting messages from the Lord and this is as it should be. But when you are being called to pray and fast and act according to the prompting of the Holy Spirit you should at least test the spirit. If you are in prayer you wonít be able to miss that little voice you hear in your heart. This is the Holy Spirit asking you to pray with your heart asking Jesus to help you have faith in these messages. It wonít be much longer dear ones. Keep trusting.
I love you, Jesus.

December 16, 2012 (11:15am)
Tell My beloved children itís almost time for the great miracle. You should stay in prayer to be prepared for this great event. More and more prayers are needed for the protection of your country. The devil is angry since he knows what is going to happen to save your country. This is why there is so much violence lately. He is causing individuals to act out in their anger and unforgiveness. My dear ones, there will be less and less violence once God is in charge of your country and loved as He was not allowed to be before. The evil people tried to keep God out of all aspects of your lives. The man chosen for these times will make it possible to return your country as one nation under God. As mentioned before, this will take time so donít expect this to happen right away. My dear children the time is My time when the miracle happens. Donít be anxious. Just believe and trust until it happens. After that you will believe all the messages that will come in the future without hesitation.
I love you, Jesus.

December 17, 2012 (9:18am)
Tell My beloved children not to be anxious about when the miracle will happen. Be at peace and continue your prayers and fasting. You know there are only a few weeks for you to wait so stay in the peace of the Lord. Oh, My children, there are horrible things planned by this Administration while everyone is looking forward to being with family and friends at Christmas. They realize this is the opportune time to do their mischief. They will fail in all their efforts ultimately but in the meantime they will cause a lot of damage that will have to be undone in the future. My dear ones the man chosen for these times is working night and day behind the scenes to get things started for when he takes his place as your next president. You may have some idea of his identity since he will be asking for your help via the telephone or by other electronic means. My children I know how hard it is for you to be so close to the end of the year and still not know what is going to happen or when this will all come about. Just believe with all your heart in these messages and you will find them to be true and accurate in a very short time. Know that God is with you and wants you to be at peace.
I love you, Jesus.

December 18, 2012 (9:21am)
Tell My beloved children to take care of all your responsibilities regarding your family finances. Pay off all your debts and take money out of the bank before they start closing them. Yes, My children, this is what your government and their cohorts are planning to do. Even your gold and silver wonít be safe. They have found ways to know who has these things and they are keeping records. The only one you can count on is the Lord My children. You will begin to realize how unimportant material things are. You will be able to survive in spite of your lack of money. As long as you are in prayer you have nothing to fear. My dear ones the man chosen for these times will be sending you requests for help and that will include financial help. He is starting a new program that will help save your country and he needs any support you can give him. He will point out what this Administration is doing to destroy your country and will give concrete ways to stop them. You will be hearing from his organization by mail and email and telephone. Pay attention to what comes in your mail and donít just throw it away as junk mail. Many of you are beginning to guess who this person is. Remember he has been in politics for many years and has a wonderful family one of whom was involved in prime meetings. Oh, My children, just a short time and the great miracle will happen to usher in this chosen man. Your new year will be the beginning of good things to come for your country. Look for the sign that will point to the miracle. Stay in prayer My dear ones. There is much to look forward to.
I love you, Jesus.

December 19, 2012 (9:29am)
Tell My beloved children the time is near for the coming of My birth. Have you prepared your hearts? It isnít about running around and getting anxious about getting presents and baking and sending out Christmas cards. These things are all part of the preparation, but if you havenít been praying and inviting Jesus into your celebration your Christmas is nothing more than secular and empty. My dear ones take time out from your busy schedules to prepare your hearts for the true meaning of Christmas. Soon you will be experiencing the great miracle which will bring about the man chosen for these times. Everyoneís lives will change for the better. It may not help you financially, but you will have much more hope for the future of your country. My dear ones what is about to occur seems almost impossible to happen by the end of the year, but by putting your total trust in the Lord you will see all this come true. You will then be more open to believing future messages that will continue to be given. I want all of My children to keep praying for the event that will change your country forever.
I love you, Jesus

December 20, 2012 (10:48am)
Tell My beloved children there is still time to make a good Confession so you can receive the Body and Blood of Jesus on Christmas. No one knows how much time he has before he will be called to account for all his sins. Be safe and be prepared. My dear ones, you can start counting the days until the great miracle occurs. This will be so spectacular the entire world will be affected by it even if it is basically for your country. Right now the Administration and the powers behind the scenes think they have pulled a great trick on the American people by their plans made behind the scenes. They are going to be so stunned by this miracle they will be in denial that it can affect them in any way. They will soon find out they arenít able to change the situation and that is when a lot of violence will begin to try and take back their power. The man chosen for these times and other chosen ones have plans in place to defeat all their efforts to gain back what power they have lost. Oh, My children, just a little longer and you will receive the promise that will change your lives forever. Stay in peace My dear children.
I love you, Jesus

December 21, 2012 (8:58am)
Tell My beloved children to pay attention to what the Administration is doing. They are trying to bring your country down economically and blame the party who is negotiating with them. As you were told in earlier messages all of their efforts will ultimately fail. At first it will look as if they succeeded. When the man chosen for these times is in office all that will change. He and his chosen staff have been working on what they knew the Administration was up to and they will stop them. It may take some time but they will be able to get the economy back in a while. Oh, My children, when you put your total trust in the Lord you can always be at peace in spite of the situation you may be in. There is no need to be anxious or to lose sleep over what is going to happen in the future. The miracle is about to happen. Just keep praying and trusting and you wonít be sorry you believed in Godís messages to save your country.
I love you, Jesus.
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