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Subject Sun & NASA Bullshit exposed! Another source responsible for specific twisting of Earth's magnetic field & charged particle influx.
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Original Message Before I say anything, know this.. if you have ANY DOUBT whatsoever of what I'm sharing then please study everything AND look up the sources to see that everything is authentic.
Everything I'm about to share is for real and is ultimate proof we're not being told the real story of what's going on.
I have shared this info recently but I've decided to shorten everything and get to the point which is we are being lied to (mainly about the Sun)!

All covered here along with more as well:

What I'm about to prove to you is this:
On the same EXACT dates year by year Earth's magnetic field experiences anomalies in connection to an influx of charged particles on Earth a few days later.. leading to the same Aurora activity on the same dates as well.
I share screen shots of magnetic field data and spaceweather to prove this.

I personally have made predictions which have come TRUE multiple times knowing activity is NOT random and that we're being lied to of the true source affecting Earth's magnetic field and directing protons at Earth.
The predictions came BEFORE any forecast from NASA/NOAA and BEFORE any "Solar eruptions"
In one prediction I even warned to look for "Solar disinfo" to come out in the next couple days.
They are bullshitting of what's going on with the Sun to cover up the true second source sending protons directed towards Earth.
The predictions were based on previous statistical data which has already occurred on the Earth and yes you will see screen shots of that as well.
The predictions/quotes are in RED and prediction conclusions are in GREEN.

There is a direct hand in hand connection on exact dates between specific magnetic field activity followed by an influx of charged particles at Earth which is being covered up.
Yes there also is a connection to the large 8+ quakes of recent years as well.
Just see for yourself! Lets get it started!

First of all.. here's what Earth's normal magnetic field looks like.
Notice the field lines of the North Pole flow up, out and away from the Earth.
The field lines of the South Pole flow down, out and away from the Earth.


Here are some links to see magnetic field data from NASA:
[link to ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov]
[link to iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov:8080]

Lets start back in 2010, the 8.8 Chile Earthquake on February 27th [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

Here's the magnetic field 2/25/10, two days before the Chile 8.8: and the magnetic field on 2/25/11

field22510 field222511

Notice the magnetic field is becoming compressed/repelled with field lines turning red meaning they are closed.

Okay okay.. something more is going here eh?
Lets check spaceweather for Feb 25, 2010 and 2011 to see what the cover story is.

I Highlighted in blue the date, in the red box is points that are important to notice.
Here are the spaceweather links, you can plug in any date you want in archives if you choose.
and here are the links:
2010 [link to spaceweather.com]
2011 [link to spaceweather.com]


Note February 25th spaceweather said there was a solar "eruption yesterday the 24th" in 2010/11! and it's an "unknown and possible" if it will cause "geomagnetic storms and auroras" in the coming days.

Twice in a row, Earth's magnetic field is being twisted and spaceweather came out posted the SAME thing!
Twice in a row on the same exact date?????? c'mon now, something is not right here!
Again I started looking at data around the Chile 8.8 quake on 2/27/10 and well the data speaks for itself.

*****So early on Feb 23rd, 2012 I saw Earth's magnetic field experiencing some oddities.
Lets just say I had a very strong gut feeling NASA would pull the same BS and "blame the Sun" and we'd be hit before the "end of the 26th" so early on the 23rd I made a prediction which is below.


What followed was EXACTLY as previous years with a compressed/repelled magnetic field on the 25th and spaceweather saying yesterday on the 24th there was a Solar Eruption!


Link: [link to spaceweather.com]

My prediction on the 23rd came true as Earth was hit on the 26th with and increased Auroras as seen below.


#####So if I predicted "blame the Sun" before the Solar Eruption and Earth got hit the day I said it would.. which made 3 years in a row of the same magnetic field and spaceweather activity are we to be believe we're being told the real story??????

Okay, okay... coincidence you say maybe right?????
Well we still have the 9.0 in Japan and the 8.6/8.2 in Indonesia to cover. Being things are getting worse (source getting closer?) we should see more of the same signs and patterns right? Did I use the same philosophy to make accurate predictions then as well??? YESSSS!

*****Here's a prediction which came on March 8th, 2012 UTC.
(youtube as well)


Note the comments from March 7th 2012 local time.
Me: "Thus bullshit about the Sun before March 11th.. freaky because this pattern is exactly what happened last year at this same very time."
Reply from a friends who's been following the data as well said: "soooo in 2-3 days there will be northern lights and increased quakes and Never A Straight Answer aka NASA will be like see, just the sun nothing to worry about people!!! They are ruthless sick evil bastards for covering this up man, same old bs over and over again."

On youtube I posted a forecast as well and warned of "plus expect Sun coverup". I referenced last year when there was an X-Class flare a couple days before the Japan 9.0 on March 11, 2011. [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

So lets now compare spaceweather (official story) from March 11, 2011 and 2012.

space31111 _______ space31112

Starts off with "Northern lights in Minnesota and Wisconsin" and there was an Earth directed "Solar flare eruption on March 9th".

Here are the links
2011 - [link to spaceweather.com]
2012 - [link to spaceweather.com]

#####Same exact thing on the same dates for 2011 and 2012!
Bare in mind early UTC on March 8th I gave a forecast warning of coming "bullshit about the Sun" and Northern lights etc that happened to make it all the way down to Wisconsin two years in a row!
Yet again.. still think it's the Sun when I predicted the activity before hand????

Remember the Japan 9.0 was on March 11, 2011.. what was Earth's magnetic field doing on that date and on March 11, 2012 as well?


Nearly the same, with a quiet magnetosphere and Earth's magnetic field headed sideways in the opposite direction.. including with field lines in front of the Earth!

On March 13th 2012, Earth's magnetic field completely flipped to the other side as covered here on GLP.
Thread: Magnetic Wind from the dark side of Earth - VERY IMPORTANT
Thread: GLP, this is for you... NASA Hiding Data of Magnetosphere Reversal

Now moving forward:

*****Please follow this chain sequence of events.. first here is a prediction on March 30th, 2012.

Said: "Earth's magnetosphere should be blasted before the end of April 3. Regardless of any data manipulation that also means there will be increased reports of Auroras / Northern lights in that time frame. High impact time I feel is between 4/1 & 4/2 but activity up is possible until the end of 4/3."
Next to the forecast is the magnetic field from March 30th, 2011.
For reference of compression both year with flipped closed field lines:

forecastmag3 field33011

Here is spaceweather (official story) from April 2nd, 2011 and 2012.

space4211 _______ space4212

2011 - [link to spaceweather.com]
2012 - [link to spaceweather.com]

#####"So the Sun was involved after all" .....!?!
Both years was said "No Auroras were forecast/unlikely" uh no.. I made the forecast on March 30th, 2012.. knowing what happened previously and the data which proves none of this activity is random and a cover up is in place!

Here is pressure on the magnetosphere April 3rd, 2012 just as I warned of. (please click on link.. sorry due to limited image space on GLP threads)
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Now towards April 5th 2011, 2012.. notice how similar:


*****Prediction on April 5, 2012 local and second one on April 6th:

5th: "this forecast currently is active through the 10th of April. High impact probability is between late on the 7th though the 9th I believe. That will include pressure on Earth's magnetosphere, Aurora reports. Increased quake activity for sure and there is a HIGH probability of a large quake."

6th: "wow... this is really prolonged. Sorry to say, this is a very bad sign. I have never seen this prolonged activity before... never this long. Forecast extended at least an extra day."


Now spaceweather for April 6th 2011/12
Said on "April 5" there was "filament" activity and we need to "monitor/stay turned" because it was unknown it the Earth would be effected.
Btw those "filaments" occurred AFTER Earth's magnetic field was already being repelled with closed field lines.

space4611 _____ space4612

2011 - [link to spaceweather.com]
2012 - [link to spaceweather.com]

#####In the forecast I said on April 5th the forecast was from the 7th to the 10th, then on April 6th I extended it a day.

Confirmation of pressure on April 7th, 2012.. (please click on link.. sorry due to limited image space on GLP threads)
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Yes increased Auroras noted on April 9th as well hitting the prediction:

Link: [link to spaceweather.com]

Also note April 11, 2011 and 2012 the pressure.


8.6 & 8.2 quakes hit on April 11th, 2012.
8.6 [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]
8.2 [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

Lastly spaceweather for April 13th 2011/12
You'll see "Northern lights" that were impressive/strong, which made it all the way down to "Michigan" and cause both years by "solar wind hitting Earth's magnetic field on the 12th".



2011 - [link to spaceweather.com]
2012 - [link to spaceweather.com]

In case you haven't notice I was using NICT magnetosphere simulation as my source of data making the accurate predictions back in early 2012.
Just a few weeks after the Twin Sumatra quakes in April the entire NICT was terminated, along with data history.
Thread: NICT Real-time Magnetosphere Simulation is now shut down for good! "Web services have been terminated"! Very interesting!
But the real question is.. why would they wipe out magnetosphere data history as well?????
NICT had data saved in movie format going to Dec of 2003.
[link to web.archive.org]

Good thing the NASA data history is still up which can be still used to verify the screen shots I presented.
[link to iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov:8080]
However their data history only goes back to August of 2009.

Oh yeah and lastly:
"Solar cycle 24 continues weakly, perhaps weakest of the space-age"
[link to wattsupwiththat.com]

Check out the NOAA graphs, the Sun has been quiet but yet the agenda pushed soo hard???
It's now obvious why!

So what does all this mean????
Well there is another source nearby which is on the same dates yearly causing specific anomalies to Earth's magnetic field and sending changed particles directed Earth on the same dates as well.
Obviously something huge is going on that we're not being told.
Not only does the data prove so but the accurate predictions I've made before anybody else further proves so!
Earth's magnetic field is not supposed to flip, Earth's magnetic field is not supposed to experience the same anomalies on the same dates yearly along with the same specific Auroras.
A kid on the internet is not supposed to be able to predict activity over and over again before NASA and so called "Solar eruptions".
Although all of this is indeed a reality, not the twilight zone.

There is a cover up, plain and simple!
Why not random? Well I believe the source and Earth's orbit play a role in explaining the exact dates which occurred yearly.

We are given a lot by NASA and the scientific community of things going on in space such as the Sun, dark rift, cosmic rays, alignments etc.. we the public don't have all the tools in space so we rely on sources that do to tell us everything.
Are they telling us everything???
Lets keep it simple....

Being NASA is aware, has many the smart minds and equipment studying this stuff.. why is it they haven't come out acknowledged and predicted these specific anomalies that have occurred within exact dates yearly???
Hey if a random kid on the internet can predict when geomagnetic storms and pressure on Earth's magnetosphere will occur to the exact date... it would make sense that NASA would be able to make the same predictions before the random person on the internet right????
Well that hasn't been the case.

The answer is simple but scary.. if the source was something mainstream then somebody else would have predicted activity and put this data together before me.
I would have to be silly to think I'm smarter than the minds at NASA and the whole scientific community that could have put this data together well before me!
Maybe many are blinded by "Solar activity".. perhaps that could have been an agenda all along. Remember the quote from the first prediction on Feb 23rd: "Will they attempt to cover it up and blame the Sun like they have in the past".

Is all this top secret information?
No not really, all I've done is put together side by side screenshots of public data.. anybody can do that.
It's easy to predict activity accurately when you know what specific activity to look for on specific dates.
I'm sure somebody would have noticed this data sooner or later anyway and certainly some will figure out even more than me now being I'm sharing all this.

Simply we are being LIED TO about the Sun.. everything I shared here proves that along with that there is something out there affecting the Earth of which we're not being told.
Please get the message out, share and study this data!
There is a short window of time before that same time frame comes around again when Earth is affected by this other source/force!
The Solar bullshit agenda is about to pick up again within the next couple months in order to cover this up.
Also expect them to hide magnetic field data at times and/or also say a crack in Earth's magnetosphere is allowing Solar wind in.. those BS actions have been used before and I sure they will happen again.
Now we know the truth and what to look for!
Pictures (click to insert)
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