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Subject SUPERB compiled video analysis of Newtown event!
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Original Message

I did not create this video. However, the video is INCREDIBLE! The video demonstrates so many discrepancies, including some absolutely perplexing points, that I myself had not noticed, seen, heard of, or considered until watching this video.

Some major points that I learned for the first time:
1. The New England style sign that reads, "Sandy Hook School, Visitors Welcome" that is prominently featured in so many videos and photos is NOT actually in front of the school! It is hundreds of yards away, down Dickinson Drive, in front of the Newtown Firehouse!!!

2. The aerial video footage of the "staging area" which was the fire station shows what appears to be the bodies of the victims covered in a white sheet, which is commonly done both in movies and television programs and in real life.
Count the number of "bundles" which are perhaps supposed to represent bodies that are covered in white sheets. (note: at the 6:50 mark.) Twenty-six. But, they are all the same size! How could six adult victims be the same size as first-grade children? I had read that the victims were not removed from the school until it was dark outside, the evening after the shooting? But this aerial footage was shot in broad daylight? (in December in Connecticut, the sun is set by 4:30 p.m.)

I am sure I will add to this thread, as I have only watched up to the 7 minute mark!

I have been questioning the veracity of the official msm story since the very beginning! Thread: The Newtown Massace...the MAJOR DISCREPANCIES LIST (add to it)

But this video has absolutely brought brand new issues and discrepancies to light!

Watch this video!

Save this video, in case it gets "scrubbed!"

Watch this video immediately, while you know you have the opportunity before it "disappears!"
Thread: Dear GLP'ple: Please take screenshots, save videos, and save photographs of MSM during major events!
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