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Subject The most successful method in dealing
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Original Message In fact,
I do not know where I should start in this article
The beauty and wonder of this remarkable behavior

Love and compassion - equality between boys and girls - education and character building - health care - breastfeeding ..... and lots and lots
Continued with me in all fields

Kissing: A kind of physical contact, kissing is an expression of love that the Prophet frequently resorted to. Sources indicate that he kissed his daughter Fatima and his grandchildren Hasan and Hussein (Abu Davud,) and that he recommended it to others.

Seeing the Prophet kissing his grandson Hasan (or Hussein), a person named Akra b. Habis found this behavior strange and said, "I have ten children, but I never kissed any of them." The Prophet gave this meaningful reply: "The uncompassionate will not be treated mercifully" (Buhari, ).

Joking: It is known that joking is very important for children, who have rich imaginations. In narrations related to this subject, it was witnessed that the Prophet made measured and meaningful jokes that at the same time were full of wisdom and instruction both to his grandchildren, Hasan and Hussein, and to other children:

that when he was five years-old, the Prophet took some water from a bucket and tossed it into his face and that he did the same to the other children (Buhari, ).

Carrying on the back and shoulders: Also a kind of physical contact, carrying children on his shoulders or back was an act frequently performed by the Prophet. In particular, each time he visited his daughter Fatima, he would immediately put Hasan and Hussein, who would come to meet him, on his back as a gesture of affection (). Once he prayed with his granddaughter Umame on his back.

Another event relevant to the topic is as follows: Although he recited sixty verses during the first unit of morning prayer, the Prophet completed the prayer by reading one of the shortest verses in the second unit when he heard a child cry. When he was asked why he did that, he gave this meaningful reply: "I heard a child cry and so I shortened the prayer so as not to give the mother distress" (Nasai, ).
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