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Subject ****112 keeps coming up in the media******
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Original Message I have been seeing 112 coming up in the media in the last couple of days.

Mrs. Clinton’s surname and the number 112 printed on the back, for the number of countries she has visited.

Okay so she visited 112 countries........she is not planning on visiting more, it stops at 112, right?

112 Fibonacci sequence

February 10 marks 112 day. 112 is the European emergency number, reachable from fixed and mobile phones, free of charge, everywhere in the EU. Malta alongside other EU countries have decided to make 112 their sole or main main emergency number.

112th Day of the Year is the 22nd of April and that is Earth Day.

an 3rd reported:
CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Private Officer International’s 2012 Private Security Death-Injury Report cites 112 on-duty deaths—103 male victims and nine women.
[link to www.securitydi...]

Earlier this year, manufacturers estimated they would make 137 million doses of vaccine, and by early December, the CDC had vaccinated an estimated 112 million people, suggesting vaccine coverage is fairly high so far, Jhung said.

Read more: Flu Cases Slam Emergency Rooms
[link to www.newsmaxhea...]

A protest comes after 112 workers lost their lives in a devastating fire that burned down the Tazreen garment factory in Savar,
[link to www.presstv.ir...]

Today Jan 9
Bradley Manning granted 112-day reduction in possible sentence
[link to www.guardian.c...]

Check this out...JUST IN!
112 terror attacks perpetrated against Israel in December
January 8, 2013 By Marc Kahlberg

[link to www.bizpacrevi...]

And that the CIA is funding the anti-112 movement. Cue scary music…
[link to facthai.wordp... (secure)]

Brent futures steadied below USD 112 per barrel on Wednesday as investors awaited Chinese trade data, US corporate earnings and the outcome of a European Central Bank policy meeting to glean insights into the health of the world's biggest economies.
[link to www.moneycontr...]

How about this one ONe ONe Two?

Dead man dug trenches for 112 days & got wages!
[link to timesofindia.i...]
The maximal number of regions into which a plane can be divided by 11 circles=112
[link to www.virtuescie...]

The Year 112 AD
In the year 112 AD Emperor Trojan gave an order: "Those who follow 'Isa and refuse to worship the idols gods are disloyal to the state, so we will sentence them to death!"

Pliny was governor of the Roman province of Bithynia, and in the year 112 AD wrote to the Emperor asking for advice on what to do about troublesome Christians.

The number 112 is used 4 times in the Bible.

The word justice is used 112 times in the NT.

The Tibetan, Hindus and Chinese monks, being engaged to the contemplation an to the meditation, know 112 ways or precepts of Zen and Shiva.
he word vicar written in Latin, vicarius, gives as numerical value 112 by using the letters of the Roman numbers:

V I C a r I V s
5 1 100 1 5 = 112

The vicar is the priest associated with a priest. But we use also the expressions "Vicar of Jesus Christ" or "Vicar of the Son of God" to refer to the pope.
[link to www.ridingtheb...]

Mytron The Fifth, Illuminati Ruler And Secret Overlord Of All Humanity, Dead At 112
This one is interesting.
[link to answers.yahoo....]
My husband keeps seeing the number 112 everywhere. His bday is jan 12. Now im seeing this num more n more also?

One of the replies to this question of 112 associates 112 with the Apocalypse.....just saying.
Apple have this product.
112 Bible maps covering topics related to Bible study from the ancient past to more modern times are ready for your quick reference. Includes full Bible study as well.

112.....really.......that's what you would call a bible App......112?
Ismay Spooner of Little Africa, Corriverton, known as the oldest person living in Guyana died yesterday at the age of 112.
Were you in Okinawa for Project 112/SHAD?
Project 112, also known as SHAD, began in 1962 to test the vulnerability of ships to biological-warfare chemical attacks. SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense) was conducted on ships. Project 112 was conducted on land. But the end result was the same: being sprayed with chemicals.

Are they talking about chemtrails? Project 112?

Currently, Israel is the only modern nation that has not signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (refusal to engage in offensive biological warfare, stockpiling, and use of biological weapons). Also, Israel is the only modern nation that has signed but not ratified the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention (refusal to produce, stockpile and use chemical weapons).
Should the world suffer a major bio-terror attack or pandemic, Israel will be the #1 suspect.
Oh come ON!
112....yep it had to be 112 thousand tonne didn't it?

Poultry factory of Kazakhstan will receive 112 thousand tonnes more feed grain

[link to caspionet.kz]
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