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Subject Real Doomsday - the great California Earthquake - is the "Big One" soon?
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Original Message For the first time, scientists are examining the possibility of a Mega-Quake effecting both Northern and Southern California, essentially wiping out the entire state. For the last decade Seismologists have warned Southern California that a major quake on the lower San Andreas Fault was due. But, now for the first time (publicly), two scientists have published a paper acknowledging that the San Andreas could rupture the ENTIRE 600 mile fault line in a quake larger than ever previously seen.

[link to www.nbclosangeles.com]

The study, by Professor Nadia Lapusta at Caltech and Japanese collaborator Hiroyuki Noda focused on explaining the behavior of two devastating quakes in Asia: the 1999 magnitude 7.6 temblor in Taiwan, and the 2011 magnitude 9.0 quake off the eastern coast of Japan. In both cases, the earthquakes spread across so-called “creeping“ fault segments, long thought to be insulating, and incapable of such massive movement. This research now acknowledges the deepest, darkest fears seismologists, and of anyone who has followed Earthquakes in California ... that a mega-quake could rip the state from San Diego to San Francisco.

[link to www.nbcbayarea.com]

The San Andreas is a strike-slip fault laying on the Eastern edge of the Pacific tectonic plate. As the massive Pacific plate slowly rotates counter-clockwise, earthquakes continuously crunch along the so-called "Ring of Fire". Unfortunately, many areas lock-up, like California, and refuse to budge for hundreds of years. Then, finally one day, the stored up energy of thousands of nuclear bombs goes off and the fault line moves 30 feet or more. The last time this happened was in 1906 in San Francisco on the Northern segment of the San Andreas. The last time the Mid-Southern part moved was in 1857 north of L.A., and the the extreme bottom edge of the San Andreas ripped in the 1600's.

[link to geology.com]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

When I studied seismology at Caltech in the 70's, such a doomsday mega-quake was thought to be impossible because of the Parkfield buffer zone. Now, all bets are off. From Parkfield to Hollister, 75 miles of the San Andreas has gone into an "active" creep phase ... with hundreds of small quakes now occurring.
[link to www.data.scec.org]

An Earthquake like this has never been seen before ... at least by modern man. To understand its severity, you need to look at how this event would predicate the collapse of the United States, and the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it. Nearly 100 million people would lose electricity and all civil services on the entire West coast of the U.S. would end on that fateful day. Even if NO ONE died from the Earthquake, tens of millions of people would perish from the resulting social collapse.

During the last year the number of Earthquakes along the entire San Andreas has been increasing. Last summer, after an earthquake swarm at the lower edge of the Salton Sea, an ominous hydrogen sulfide plume covered the entire SoCal area. The government cover-story was dead-fish ...
Thread: SALTON SEA California Earthquake swarm and strange smells today..

It has been 156 years since the 7.9 Fort Tajon Earthquake in Southern California. The average length of time between major movements on the San Andreas is 125 years (at least over the last 400). We're due.
[link to www.ouramazingplanet.com]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Even if just the Southern section of the San Andreas goes, the resulting shift of 32 feet will cut across all freeways, rail lines, aqueducts, and power lines. The L.A. basin would be sealed off with no-way in, and no-way out. 20 million people would die in just the first 30 days. The United States would go into Martial Law and the U.S. economy would collapse. And that my friends would be Doomsday ... a very real, and very well known fact the government is preparing for.

It's just a matter of time ...

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