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Subject Sandy Hook - The Legend of Kaitlin Roig ----Updated 2-13-13
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Original Message 2-13-13 3:08pm

To those of you new to this thread, read my original post and watch the video.

To others returning, new photographic evidence has emerged.
Check my post on pg. 15 of this thread, and then go back through the previous few pages for various links.



As the story goes, Kaitlin Roig was (is?) a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary.

According to reports, and an interview she gave to ABC, Roig hid all her students in a bathroom. Here's the interview:

Note how right at the beginning she mentions 'bathroom,' even talks about putting a kid on top of the toilet.

The interview itself is suspect. She just does not appear to be authentic: her mannerisms, how she alternates from feigned weepiness to a more matter-of-fact tone.

Back to the bathroom: from Hartford Courant 12/15/12

"The first classroom that Lanza reached was that of teacher Kaitlin Roig. Alarmed by the gunfire, she had hidden her students in a bathroom and closed her classroom door. For reasons that could not be explained Saturday, Lanza passed by Roig's classroom."

[link to www.courant.com]

Now, from the Hartford Courant 12/23/12

"Lanza then turned toward the first classroom on his left, that of teacher Kaitlin Roig. By then, authorities said, Roig had hidden with her students in a closet in her classroom. Before securing the closet door, which opened inward, authorities said she concealed the door behind a movable bookcase."

[link to www.courant.com]

Quick thinking, to be sure. But how did the bathroom turn into a closet? Roig herself specifically said bathroom. Did she forget? I guess she was so flustered...

I noticed something curious while researching. Go to [link to newtownbee.com] . At the top right center, click 'search'.

In the search bar, put 'soto'. The box labeled '...where the story contains' should be checked. you will see as of yesterday, 28 stories on Newtown Bee's website containing the word 'soto.'

Next, do the same thing with 'hochsprung.' 51 stories.

Now, put in 'roig.' Guess how many stories?


So the quick thinking hero, who saved all her kids, doesn't get one write up in the hometown paper?

Debunk please.
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